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February 21, 2008



This sounds so wonderful. I'm a huge horseradish fan. One of my sisters doesn't like it at all, which I just don't understand. I'm realizing I haven't cooked with fresh dill too much, and I keep forgetting to plant it, but this year I already have it on my list!


I don't know why the Italians seem to have a prohibition against fish and cheese -- I think it can be a wonderful pairing, and this salad sounds and looks delicious.



I also love horseradish. There's a little town near us that grows tons of it. And they have a festival there each year, serving all kinds of things made with horseradish. I think they serve horseradish ice cream!


Yes, I've had cheese on some seafood and it's delicious. And since the ahi was rather meaty tasting, the cheese was fine.

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, the only way I have ever tried fresh tuna was in sashimi. I have never cooked with it either. This recipe looks and sounds like a winner to me!


Aren't pine nuts just great in a tuna salad?

As always, you impress the heck out of me.


I am a fan of fresh dill as well. I'm thinking of growing it this year!


Excellent idea.


This is a perfect, perfect meal! I love ahi and anything with fresh dill is okay by me. What a great job you did with this, Sher. So, where is Finn's? Mr CC is down in your neck of the woods right now (while I'm at home still feeling sickly :( ) and I'd like to let him know that there's a new restaurant for him to try. Thanks!!

Joy T.

MMmm my mouth is watering! Too many people are afraid to use horseradish, but done right it can really make a dish taste great. I'm printing this one out :o)


First- your fish looks so fresh and delicious... I agree the combo isn't anything I would have though on my own, but in imagining one thing paired with the next my mouth is salivating. Fresh horseradish, cheese, dill- bring it on!

Gretchen Noelle

Looks great! Although, a month in the Ukraine made me swear off dill and I have never gone back. I wonder what other herb I could use instead?


the combo of the main ingredients is entirely innovative! Sher, and I realize (actually long time ago) you are the fish expert!


Wow that ahi looks incredible! That would have to taste great! I'd be a bad girl and want something besides dill.

Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet

Looks delish! What a great variation on a more traditional tuna salad, and I love the healthy lettuce wrap presentation. I am also a huge fan of horseradish, but wouldnt' have thought to use it in tuna salad. Thanks for the suggestion.


This looks fantastic! I'd love to serve this as an hors d'oeuvre. Nice replication!


Oh wow! Man, you are eating so clean and wonderfully these days! I'm either jealous or inspired, I'm not sure wich, but keep going. Your food is gorgeous!


I saw some wonderful ahi at the supermarket in Mpls.... I wanted it... Oh, how I wanted it. Sigh. Can't get it here. Next visit I'm going to borrow a kitchen!

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