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February 23, 2008



You are a lucky cat! We never get such dishes because we refuse to eat "real" food...


Fridolin, Maruschka and Rosa


Awww! I'm SO glad that you got a happy tummy for a change Upsie! : )

Love from VA


You've blown your cover now Upsie! Your mom is REALLY good to you.


That's a happy looking Upsie! Yay for meatballs and catnip!


We've been listening the wind howling and the rain on the skylight.


Yum, that looks great! You are truly a lucky kitty to get meatballs! :)


Upsie, it does seem only right that you have fresh food delivered to you on a nice plate. You are indeed the princess!

p.s. - Love the way the food and garnish on the plate sort of matches the flower pattern of the bedspread!


You should check out the LOL cats blog. I think you'd crack up!

Upsie is just a character, I love her!


Upsie, you're looking very svelte in that picture, if I do say so myself. Your mom must be taking very good care of you.

Baking Soda

I just removed two cats from my keyboard.. please Upsie, never do that again ok?

CatSynth (Amar & Luna)

Wow, that looks yummy. To both of us, actually.
I've seen sher present turkey meatballs for humans before, so I'm wondering if it's possible to share (with different preparations, of course)?


Wow, the presentation is terrific!
(I adore this segment of your blog!)


What a special kitty. Now that is really being creative. I hope my 2 babies don't read see this blog. They would never let me buy canned food again if they did. Mmmmmm....catnip.




I think you mom should make you a nice plate of meatballs too! Huggies. :):)


Thank you! Life is always better after meatballs.


Yes, I guess she is. Sometimes. :):)


Yes--catnip makes everything really great!


I'm so glad that bad weather is over!


But, the meatballs are all gone now!


I think people should always garnish their cat's food. We like prety food too!


I will check that out! Thanks! :)


I look svelte? Thank you! I'm going to demand to be taken off this diet.

Baking Soda,

LOL!! That's a funny picture in my mind! Your cats are meatball lovers too.


Oh yes, I think mom would serve you meatballs that were cooked. Humans are good with raw poultry, I hear.


Thank you!!!!! :):)


Well, I don't get the meatballs very often either. Sigh! Such is life.

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