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February 15, 2008



our household kitty is also on a forced starvation diet. funnily enough, he's bouncing around and being more of a pest than ever. we can't quite figure it out. good thing he's cute so i slip him treats once in awhile.


Poor Upsie. I believe yr mummy is doing this for your own good. Wish we could send u some yummy ahi tuna.


Dear Upsie, I know how you feel. I only get fed 1 scoop at each of my 2 meals. But the upswing is that I am now more stealthy than my neighbor Hope. Hope is a cutie pie kitty that always wants to fight me through the window, but she has put on the pounds. I never thought I would see the day that I was smaller than her. Hang in there, and you will be a runway model kitty in no time.

Kashim & Othello

poor darling Upsie you sure look like you're starving!!!
So your diet is not going too well huh?
sending love and comforting hugs
Kashim, Othello and astrid


Moms have the right to do what they want, but kiddies like you have to obbey ;-P! That's because your mom knows better what's good for you... Courage, Upsie




Poor Upsie! Maybe we can finds sum treets to send yoo that yore Mommy wouldn't like to eat.


Wide load indeed Upsie . . . is there anything your mom will share.


Poor Upsie girl! Would it help to tell you how sexy and beautiful you are? Just like Heidi Klum.


Poor Upsie - China Cat & Willow would love to send you some ahi tuna! That is, if they had any... It looks like you did get every last bite in that bowl anyway!

I love the picture with Upsie's tongue sticking out!

Gypsy & Tasha

Oh Upsie, that is so unfair! You're wasting away while that fat, pudgy squirrel is pigging out! We're purring in sympathy,

Your buddies

Gypsy & Tasha


Oh Upsie, your mom is just looking out for you. As tough as it is, it's really for the best. She (and we) want you around for a long time!

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