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February 07, 2008



This soup sounds amazing tasty. Coconut milk, chilis peanuts, prawns... there are just so many good things in here. The use of dill sounds really interesting.


I love chilis and prawns. Great for beating the winter blues.


There's something about the reds and oranges of this that looks completely inviting. I'm really drawn to food with these colors, especially at this time of year.

I've never heard of a capsicum patch before but I'm going to keep it in mind. Never know when you might need something like this. In the meantime I hope your sciatica stops bothering you. It doesn't sound like fun.


Oh Sher, i love love Laksa. And this is defenitely good for any time of the year!


Sher--Cussing is good (my opinion) and love the look of that soup!


Sher, the soup does look awesome...I can feel the warmth from here! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights and take care of that sciatica.


Amazing how a hot pepper can be such a friend! I'm always surprised at the gorgeous color you get! You can make soup beautiful and that's not easy sometimes.


I was all set to drool over this pasta (oh, how I love hot and spicy soup!) until I read about the patch -- as my sciatica is acting up this morning, too. Now instead of the grocery store, I'm off to the pharmacy to look for one of these. If I can't find one, maybe I'll just rub soup on my hip....


Wow Sher, this looks awesome. I will definately give it a try! My boyfriend swears by those Salonpas thingies, I thought he was the only one, good to hear they work for you though, maybe someday I will give them a try!

Sues is not Martha

Yum. This photography is really beautiful and that shrimp looks absolutely amazing.

I love chilies too :)


Oh, man, too yum! Bring on the heat!! Also, the capsicum patch idea is one I've never heard of and fascinating! Thanks for that suggestion.


it looks amazing and the flavour combination is just what i like.
the dill sounds like an odd addition to an overall very traditional laksa. how did it taste in the final product?


Thanks for mentioning the capsicum pack! I've been reduced to taking codeine over the last few days, as I'm attempting to find the right position for my bike seat: they took the cycle apart for shipping, and I've still not managed to find just the right level again, so my sciatica is quite peeved at me for this week's adjustment. I'll be hitting up the pharmacy for some capsicum on Monday!



The dill is very good in this. I forgot to add it as a garnish though! It looks so pretty when i do.


Yes, that combination makes me very happy!


So far, the patch has been a boon for me. There are also capsaicin creams, but then you have the same problem as when you cook with chilis--the cream gets on your hands and can wind up getting onto other parts of your body. You can use gloves, but you still have the cream on your body, which can easily migrate to other places and wind up in you eyes and so forth. The patch takes care of that. And it makes the pain killing last longer. I recommend the SalonPas. They are less expensive and you can cut the larger patches into smaller ones, if you need to use them on your knees or other places.


I love it too. It's so delicious and comforting.


It's been proven scientifically that the more you swear, the less pain you will feel. Really. :):)


Yes, I hope the soup warmed my insides as well as the patch warmed my back!


Yes, the dried red peppers, I used fresnos, gave it a nice color.


It has been a big help since I discovered the patches. Sometimes I use the menthol and camphor patches, but the capsicum patches are much better.

Sue Is Not Martha,

Thank you!


I love these patches so much, I used a gift card to go buy a box of them. Sure, I could have bought clothes--but I loved my capsicum patches. Maybe I'm addicted--to the pain relief.


I liked the dill, because it added that tart floral note. I love dill anyway. But, it could be left out and still be good.


Ahh, I hope you find those patches. They do have camphor patches and they are a help. But not like the capsicum. I'm wearing one right now and it is allowing me to sit here and work at the computer. No pain at all. God bless chili peppers!


Amen! That's gotta beat taking codeine, which is what's getting me to sit here.


Yum! And I have never heard of those patches - interesting! I hope you are feeling better!


Oh my god, 'dill' in laksa?!
Who the heck serves 'DILL' in Asian cooking?
We only put 'mint' leaves, not 'dill'..

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