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February 27, 2008



A nice take on a classic peas and mint dish, immaculate presentation by you of course Sher.


Mmm... I love mint. And that picture makes me want cannelloni, and it's not even 7am here.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I've got a pile on my desk of recipes that contain peas and mint -- saving them for summer, when I'll be able to pull both from the garden. This looks delicious.

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, what time is dinner? I don't want to be late. ;)


This is such a gorgeous meal! I love the colors!


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I'm not the biggest fan of peas & mint, but that is really quite eye-catching!


Sher, thanks for the kind words and the awesome dish. Wow! It certainly brings some spring to the table. And thanks for being such a great Presto Pasta Person.


Peas, mint and tomato sauce cannelloni sounds really good. Great presentation.

michelle @ Us vs. Food

i love this interpretation of mint and peas - looks fantastic. definitely tag-worthy.


I love the vivid coloring of this. Plus, I'm always looking for ways to use mint.



Very colorful indeed, and I always eat with my eyes first!


That just screams "Spring" - and I'm more than ready for it. I love doing things with peas...and don't do enough!
BTW: I'm still crossing my fingers that i didn't bring the flu epidemic back to France...


Oh, that was a reference to the yummy soup in the earlier post....

Katie B.

Such a pretty dish!! This recipe is going straight into my to-try file!


Peas are my favorite veggie! For a snack I am happy as pie just to grab a handful of frozen peas and crunch away. I now have a new mint plant added to my herb gathering so I am just about ready for this recipe!
Looks marvelous!


Hmmm, looks delicious! I love these!!


Looks amazing! I've never used mint in a dish like this...I must try it!

Sues is not Martha

Wow. I'm sure this is delicious, but I'm just obsessed with how pretty it looks! Love it :)



This looks fantastic - I am always on the lookout for veg cannelloni recipes that get away from spinach and ricotta and I have been loving peas lately so am hoping to try this some time.

Joanna in the kitchen

Wow. I'm so very making it a dinner soon :-)

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