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February 18, 2008



Beautiful bread indeed. Good holes there inside and shape-wise, fantastic. It really tastes good doesn't it?!


I'm in awe of the crust on this bread...I want bread like this.


It's gorgeous!! Love that you recruited Bob to hold it up for you. The butter. Oh my. The butter melting into all those air bubbles. Homer drool big time! Your bread is absolutely gorgeous, a prom queen of loaves. Sigh. I want bread for breakfast....


Sher, rotfl. I baked to ANTM too when I made this bread!! Well that and Project Runway...

I love that your bread didn't close up like mine. I'm making it again to try and get a nice big hole in the middle.


Beautiful bread. I agree, politics and bread don't mix. It makes the bread angry. It looks like you found just the right background because your bread looks very happy indeed.


This bread looks fantastic! And what an honor to be so singled out and invited to bake bread with other "babes." :0)


Sher you are a babe! Great photo with the man!
It's isn't hard but you really have to trust the recipe when it says don't add more flour because it does come together eventually. And it is really lovely when it does.
Thanks for baking with the babes.


Great fun! I'm going to enjoy following the adventures of the Babes!

Baking Soda

Woohoo, nice bread! That one pic with the slice out is just too tempting.. the crust, the holes.... artisan bread!


sher, so good! and beautiful! Now we have to get going on the next bread!


What a great bread you made.
And it has a heartshape hole in the middle !
It must have tasted lovely with that !Whish I could eat it right from my computerscreen.


Nice looking bread! I especially like the shot of the slice with the melting butter.


That is one good looking loaf of bread.


Bread is my absolute favorite food in the universe, and hence that first picture up there is what my version of heaven looks like. This looks delicious, and I'm bookmarking the recipe for the day when I have time to bake bread again. Thank you!


Mmmm, look at the butter melting....makes me want to bake another loaf!


Wow, your bread looks fantastic! I bet it tastes great with cheese...




I'm so impressed with these...and so sorry I didn't get to play....
Next month!

Deborah dowd

I love that type of open textured bread! I can almost smell it!


That looks so good with that butter melting into it. Oh my word...

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