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February 13, 2008



Oh my doesn't everyone have a few bags of "fruity" tea bags lurking around in cabinets? I'll have to read your entry. The horrifying thing is that as I age I'm starting to find stuff in my drawers looking much like those granny panties/bras. How did they get there?


Oh, your story was too funny. Everyone received the same size? Grandma, what were you thinking? Congrats on the loot!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Hang on to that cookbook! I've used it for years -- I think it's great for appetizers.

Baking Soda

HAR! I think it might be used (or has been used?) for other things as well, and the glitter.. well..yeah..it will stick.

(Reminder to self: send Sher some soap)

Loved the contest, adore the prize!


You use that to decorate ANYTHING you want, girlfriend! Snicker.

Katie B.

Seriously the best prize package EVER!!! I dare you to actually make something with all of it...


That's quite a haul, Congrats Sher! Knowing you, you'll take all that assorted stuff and make something wonderful out of it. You're like Macgyver in the kitchen. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Love from VA


What a great prize! I especially like the used color spray.


Girls just know how to have fun!
Yes, I want to see how that all gets put together by you!

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