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February 16, 2008



Yes, I would love it too, mostly for the arugula, but all the ingredients together sound great too! True comfort food!


Well, you somehow make it look sexy to me. I love a dish like this one. Beautiful photo.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

My favorite dishes are always the one-pot wonders that don't look the least bit sexy. I think yours looks delicious! I'm really into spinach these days (it's the only dark leafy green I really love), so I'd probably make that substitution. And a bit more hot sauce....!

Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet

Looks delicious! Indeed a great way to use up all those vegetables. I wouldnt have thought to add arugula, but I bet it adds a great flavor and texture to the dish.


Sounds like a great use for the arugula that came in the CSA box this week. I'm tryin' it out. Thanks!


This is exactly what my food looks like most days, or maybe by the end of the week as one item creeps into the other. Personally I rarely eat food porn meals (too much information)?


Yum! Why haven't I ever eaten something like this. Move over, Rice-a-roni... we will be trying something different. :0)

Thanks for sharing!


Let me tell you...this looks NOTHING like hamburger helper! HH looks like hospital food and this does NOT! As little of a rice fan as I am, this actually looks really good. May have to try it sometime soon! :-) MMMM!


ooooh yah jumble it up! yummy.

oh i love me some natalie, did u hear what she done did? aaack!


Wow, this sounds great - I love arugula, and pretty much all of the other ingredients too!


Thanks for a great idea on what to do with all that Costco ground turkey!! In Brazil, they make a similar jumbled dish with rice called mexido. It means "mixed". They even have restaurants who specialize in this type of food.


Mmmm...yum! I really like one pot meals. For just the two of us, it's such a great solution to solution to the meat/potato/veggie dinner.


What a great combination and what caught my interest is the addition of the sriracha, of yum! I like the one dish meal thing!


Query... and I receive. Heavens, I love the internet.

One moment finds me staring into a fridge wondering what I'll make for dinner tomorrow, there's the package of ground turkey to use, a full bag of spinach, some brown rice I need to cook so I can pour the new bag into the crock, and why yes! Hiding behind the roasted garlic and the jarred fresh ginger there happens to be lurking a familier bottle with a rooster on the side.

Thanks for yet again getting me out of the crunch when it comes time for dinner.


Yet another fan of the mish-mashed one-pot meals! So many glorious things, and what a great use of leftovers, too.


Brown rice helper...
Arugula helper...
Whatever; looks delish!

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