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January 26, 2008



This will be a wonderful dish to make with fresh mint from the garden. I love meatballs, too, and lately I've been collecting all kinds of turkey meatball ideas. I'll add this one to my collection.


I've just come across your blog. The food looks amazing and it is so well written. Lovely.

Amy xxx


Pretty offerings for a party, Sher.

I always look for new and off the beat hors d'oevres like these at parties.


Lovely presentation! You solved my lunch menu for today :) Thank you!


OMG, can I come to your house for dinner? This sounds amazing. Of course I want the cilantro in mine, and mint + cilantro is one of my favorite combinations with Asian food. Just delicious!


These look fantastic. I so agree with you about mint as a savory flavoring. In the last couple of years it's become one of my favorites and it livens things up more than any herb I can think of.


These meatballs look really good. Great idea with the lettuce wraps. I like the cilantro and mint in the meatballs. They sound really tasty.

Butta Buns

That's the best thing I've ever seen! I think I'll make this for our Pats Super Bowl party next weekend.


It makes a perfect party finger food!


What a lovely post to return to! Meatballs are so cliche, but they are always the first to disappear at a party.

Dave just made meatloaf last night, and the leftovers are becoming- you guessed it- meatballs!


I love 'Asian' meatballs. I never think to do these cute little lettuce wraps though... Great idea!


wow so simple and looks so delicious! I need to try this! DO they sell lemongrass at regualr supermarkets?

Anna Haight

It's most definitely raining here too Sher! This looks SO good! I agree on leaving out the sugar, can't see what purpose it serves (maybe browning?). Thanks for participating in WHB on my watch.


Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I made it for lunch today - and loved it so much that I made it again for the next week! The second part is sitting in the fridge marinating. It's so easy and delicious!


I just had a party. Wish I would have seen these beforehand, they would have been great.

eva de guzman

looks so good and delicious! i wish you do more recipe which is inviting like this.

Laurie Constantino

These looks so wonderful. They're the second Vietnamese recipe I've read in a row that sound incredibly tasty. I think the universe is trying to tell me something!


Please could I come for lunch or dinner Sher. These are totally beautiful.


I have never used mint in savory dishes, feeling leery about any sweetness it might impart. However, I trust your words - I will try some savory dishes with mint! Thanks, Sher.

Lovely photos, for sure, even if I don't eat meat. Your photos generally make me wish I did!


These look and sound lush - and fantastic photographs as usual!


I love mint in savory as well..but then, I love Greek food and so there ya go! I have not tried to make Viet meatballs..but I will now. I love S. Viet pho's with mint, basil, lime, and sprouts on the side for.. adding to.

You really do a fabulous job on this blog. It is soooo great.


I can't believe that people don't use mint with savoury dishes - in Australia it would be most unusual to use it in sweet things. Hasn't anyone heard of roast lamb and mint sauce? The meatballs were great and as good as at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant. Thanks for the recipe. (I've just worked out that Cilantro is Coriander.

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