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January 07, 2008



If only I could get the hubby to eat fish. I love salmon cakes...even better, ones you can freeze for later.


You'd never know your supplies were getting low from the looks of this. That is gorgeous. The salsa seems extra special- love the Tomatilla-Cilantro combo. Cakes frozen in the freezer means they'd be easy for a lunch or dinner!


My mom told of salmon cakes using tinned salmon and now I'm a believer!

Your sauce is also sexy...must use Poblanos.


That looks extremely yummy! You always prepare such fantastic meals!




The colors are absolutely beautiful! And I know just what you mean by squirrel chatter -- we have many squirrels and chipmunks that live in the woods and stone walls around our house, and there are times when it seems they are all talking at once. Eek.


Mmmm! They look yummy! I think I'm going to make something similar this week - but I'll have to dream up another sauce, since cilantro makes me want to hurl. Nice, Sher! Have the squirrels forgiven you?


oh i'm so sorry you guys go hit so hard there, those are some nervy squirrels after you saved their furry little arses!

i just know this is delicious, my mom inlaw makes something similar for us every time we fly in late to atlanta. its an awesome tradition indeed!!


Yum--salmon and cilantro! Two of my faves!


In place of mashed potatoes, I usually mash up some garbanzo beans instead, as I'm always trying to sneak healthy foods into the family dinners. These work with tuna just as well.

I've never tried freezing them, there are never any left!


Yep..it was a hellofastorm. I made soup. I don't know why but I just can't stand canned salmon. Maybe cooked this way would be good. It looks really good. I always end up with fishbones..or used to when I'd make a salad using it.


I love salmon cakes. I actually remember my mom used to make them and we ate them with tartar sauce. Of course your sauce with cilantro looks much better.

I'm so glad you didn't get more damaged from the storm.

Patricia Scarpin

They look so good, Sher!
I love salmon.


Very delightful, Sher! I like the sa;sa jere a lot.


I was wondering how you guys were doing with that storm. I am glad you are safe and sound with the squirels! Your salmon fish cakes look great. I like using canned salmon and am glad to have a new recipe to use with it. I usually do salmon cakes either baked or saute'd. And cilantro rules in our house. Love that herb!


Oh yum! I remember, I think, seeing her make these for her kids on one of her shows. They look so good to me. Glad to hear they are and that they freeze well. Sounds like the perfect thing to have on hand in the freezer on nights I work (or the day after I work more likely) or just when you don't feel like cooking a huge meal.



I think you should make these just for yourself. Stash them in the freezer and eat them at your leisure!


The salsa is wonderful. I add a spoonful of it to soup and other things. I will be making more of that, for sure.


Some canned salmon is very good, I think. I like to use the type that's very red, called sock-eye. It's much better than pink salmon.


Thank you Rosa! :)


I hope you made out OK in the storm. This type of salmon has very soft fishbones that are easy to remove. I usually give them to my cats! :):)


Oh yes! Squirrels can be very noisy, especially when they're upset and are "yelling" at everyone!


Oh, I'm so sorry that you have that aversion to cilantro--but you could use parsley instead. Yes, the squirrels forgave me, after I gave them some nuts!


I wonder if your mom-in-law makes a kind of "deviled" fish cake. That's very common in the South, and they are fabulous! Deviled crab is to die for.


My favorites too!


A friend of mine loves these fishcakes and we are thinking of getting together and making them up in bulk--to have enough to freeze. These are very delicate and quite yummy!


Tartar sauce! I really love that stuff. I remember eating Mrs. Paul's fishsticks as a kid with it.


I can always eat salmon, fixed in any way!


Thank you!!!!


It looks like the bad storms are over. We are having a wimpy storm right now--just a little rain. I like this kind much better! :)


Oh, they freeze so nicely. And they cook up very nicley. I want to make more of these beauties to stash in the freezer.


This sounds wonderful! I have a sauce that I make often that has tomatillos and cilantro, and it is one of my favorites. I love the addition of the poblano peppers!


I've been so hungry for salmon cakes...I made tuna cakes instead. They were good, but not the same. Too bad about the storm; congrats on the pool - are you keeping it? ;-)


Gosh, this salsa sounds divine and to go on top of fishcakes, I'm a fan of those too. And my aren't you heroic saving those squirrels...stay dry!


Yikes! I'm glad the squirrels and you survived the big storm. It sounded like nasty business.

The cilantro sauce sounds like it would be delicious on all sorts of things. Yum!

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