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January 21, 2008



I've been meaning to blog about steel-cut oats (a.k.a. pinhead oats, or Scotch oats) ever since we got to Scotland: we've been unable to find the silly things! And they're supposedly Scotch!

Sounds yummy! Looks it, too!


It sounds delicious and healthy both. I could switch the honey for Agave Nectar too and it would be completely South Beach friendly.


Ruth - thanks for the great recipe, it looks super tasty. I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol (at the whopping age of 25), so have been looking for things that will take it down. Thanks again!


mm, that looks so warm and sweet, just the thing to ease me into the day. i love steel cut oats (slop!), roasting is clever i bet itsdelich. and in my favorite berry bowl.... oh sher!


I always have some kind of oat cereal for breakfast. Usually it's cold, oat flakes or something like that with half a banana, but sometimes it's oatmeal. At this time of year, with the bitter cold weather we're having, I even have oatmeal for dinner every now and then.


I like steel cut oats and all... but I am so with you on the grits, biscuits,and gravy. I have to say that I am not one of those that finds oatmeal to stick to my ribs. It may look like glue but after an hour or so I'm hungry again!


This is so interesting Sher! I eat oatmeal almost everyday but have never roasted it. I usually cook mine and add pecans, fresh fruit such a strawberries or blueberries, a touch of cinnamon and brown sugar. But toasting sounds like it adds a new dimension!


Hi Sher!

Happy 2008! You know I've had roasted/baked oatmeal on the mind quite a bit lately so I was so happy to see your post. It looks delicious! Hope you have many happy breakfasts in 2008!


I see a few bloggers are on an oat kick. I had oatmeal this morn but I wish I had yours.


mm, that looks so warm and sweet, just the thing to ease me into the day. i love steel cut oats (slop!), roasting is clever i bet itsdelich. and in my favorite berry bowl.... oh sher!


What I love about this recipes is - the only constant you need are the oats - you can use whatever fruit and nuts you like and the possiblities are such you need not get bored.


Oooh, Sher, I love roasted oatmeal! My oatmeal of choice is Bob's Red Mill Scottish Oatmeal and I toast it in a pan on the stovetop with some cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. I need to eat more oatmeal, so thanks for the reminder.


Oh, I love the idea of dried apricots in the oatmeal. I'm not usually a breakfast eater but I've been trying recently and this looks like a great one.


Looks warm and comforting...something I need right about now.


Oatmeal is our mainstay breakfast! I must try it roasted now!
Oh, yes we can always dream Sher just don't hold you breath on that southern breakfast. Ah grits swimming in butter . . .

Mrs. L

I would have never thought of roasting the oatmeal. I actually have a box of steel cut oatmeal that has sat unopened in my cuppord for ages. I'll have to try this, thanks!


Great idea to toast the oatmeal. One of my resolutions was to try to eat breakfast more often, so I'm going to have to give this a try...maybe right now!


Oh yum! I've been doing more oatmeal too. Rolled oats for the granola but steel cut for the hot cereal. Yours looks divine!!

And you're torturing me about the biscuits and gravy. I got up this morning thinking that I was glad I'm too lazy to go make them because if they'd been put in front of my face I would have devoured biscuits/gravy and bacon. Sigh. The good old days before we knew we'd be wearing them on our butss and in our hearts.


I will definitely have to try toasting my steel cut oatmeal the next time I have it.


Yum. I love oatmeal, and this looks delicious. I tend to gravitate toward the less-than-healthy options for breakfast as well (pankcakes with syrup and any kind of baked good are my favorites). Why is it that the good stuff is so bad for you?


This looks so delicious Sher. Mr CC eats steel cut oats every morning. Sometimes I ask him to cook some for me but I usually just make a whole wheat peanut butter sandwich and run out the door to work. Sigh.

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