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January 23, 2008



Sher, I love bowls of Udon. I'm a fan of a broth of stock, star anise, lemongrass, fish sauce, garlic and onions.

Top it off with fresh coriander!


I've never seen packages like this in my market -- will definitely have to look for them. Store-bought soups can always be bumped up with some fresh ginger or scallions. There is nothing better than a big bowl of noodle soup!


What a perfect meal for a dreary day!


That photo makes me feel warm and hungry at the same time. I love udon noodles. I like tofu, sliced scallions, and snow peas with mine. If I ate meat, I would most definitely go for the shrimp!


I had one of those packets of Udon soup just the other day ... they are wonderful, aren't they? I had nothing else in the house so I had to have it plain. Next time I'm going to plan better and have lots of yummy add-ins like yours.

Mrs. L

I haven't seen those packages of udon but haven't really looked. Plus I work a block from Japantown and maybe they have them in the grocery store there? This would be so easy and comforting.


lol. That picture you took looks exactly like the asian-type noodle packaging. All perfect and yummy looking, and then you cook it and you're like....where's my toppings?????

anyways, it looks delish. I haven't had Udon noodles in so long. I should think of toppings....


You are absolutely right! In a pinch, an egg poached in the soup will do. Easy office lunch: Pack a package of noodles,some sliced meat/vegetables. At lunchtime, boil water in the electric kettle, pour over noodles to soften, add meat/veg and cook in the microwave. One bowl cooking!

Re: Blog etiquette. I'm new at blogging and would appreciate getting your advice. Does one need to get permission from bloggers to link their page to Favorite Blogs on own site? Thanks.


I do hope the rain (and your head) clears up. That said, I'm glad it inspired the Udon soup. As for what I'd top it with...I like Peter's. Do you think he'll invite us over?

Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.


That udon soup looks both tasty and healthy! My favorite udon soup is not so healthy... I like to add a heaping tablespoon of leftover Japanese style curry. :)


Oh Sher, that looks so good on a cold night like tonight!


I buy the same brand of udon! I'll throw in whatever I have on-hand, green onion, spinach, sprouts, shredded meat. The only constant is the sriracha!


Fun what you can do with a bag of noodles! Love the neat slicing on that spinach.


Sher, hope your sinuses getting better soon. My husband likes to top udon with faked crab meat, for me I can go very plain, nothing but just some green-onion and sesames, the soup needs to be super-hot though.


What a perfect looking bowl! Those shrimp...ah!


I just bought some packed udon soup at the store. It is the Chikara brand. I always add a few things to it to "spice it up"..but it never looks like yours! Yummy.


Your toppings are arranges so nicely on your Udon Soup. I love udon... perhaps this is what I will make for lunch on this cold Saturday. Yum! Udon! Thanks for the Udon Post!


I read those first lines and looked over my shoulder...certain that you had moved in with me! You too, eh?
Great looking soup!


Hello. This is the police. I'm afraid we're going to have to see some kitties, or we're going to need to take you downtown for processing. Thank you for your co-operation.

-Your local law enforcement outfit.


I have been on a major shrimp kick lately. This looks yummy!


This looks gorgeous! I like to add prawns, maybe some squid too. Leftover roasted meats like char siu or roasted duck also go well. I also add bean sprouts and mange tout.

It also works well with a miso broth, or a tom yum broth.


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