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January 10, 2008



Sounds yummy - and what a pretty picture! You're a great food stylist, Sher!


Those meatballs look divine, yum!


I'm always looking for recipes for turkey meatballs. I really prefer them to beef meatballs now, but because they are lower in fat, they always need a bit of extra something to boost the flavor. Great idea to keep some in the freezer to pull out a few at a time.


yum! me too, me too...
meatballs are the best, i think it's one of my all time comfort foods. these look so good, sundried tomatoes is a clever idea and sounds delish! hope your unsolicited swimming pool is drying up and the troops are getting back to norm after the storm.


Great job on reinventing a spaghetti & meatballs dish, the sauce looks great!


Yum! I could even eat these without the pasta! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.


That picture makes me hungry! Dried tomatoes sound like a great meatball addition.


I agree. What is it about meatballs..and meatloaf! I actually would rather have them than most other meats. Maybe it's because they don't have any calories in them so I can eat lots. Yeah, that must be it!
Great looking little guys!


Your meatballs look perfect!


Dad gum those really are a perfect picture! How'd you get that spaghetti to be so orderly!!?
Looks very tasty!

Patricia Scarpin

Joao would drool over the keyboard if he saw this, Sher!


Wow. I saw the pic and realized we cooked turkey meatballs, and maybe even ate them, at the same time. In fact, wierd parallels included, I don't normally include sundried tomatoes in mine, but just this time: I did!

So cheers to great turkey meatballs; just for fun you can see what I am talking about here:)


And I just froze extra meatballs too!!!

Great palates think alike:).


Gorgeous meatballs. I always get lazy and just make meat sauce instead of meatballs.


I like the use of turkey for the meatballs. They look good.


This is so beautiful! The second I saw this pic I thought that if all my food could look this beautiful all the time I know I could eat healthier..does that make sense?

CatSynth (Amar & Luna)

This looks yummy.
Things are a little hectic here right now, but I might try this recipe out in the new place.


Oh my god!
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