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January 04, 2008



From now on I'll be calling this one
Scrutinized Leftover Pasta!
We had this just 2 nights ago!
I am blown away by Hamelman's book on bread. If you'd like the original recipe, let me know


I love recipes that come from a total unwillingness to face the market -- I feel that way often, especially these days as the temperature outside has plunged to a balmy 9 degrees F and I definitely do not want to spend any more time outside than necessary. That's when I really value my pantry; there's always pasta, always something tomato-y, always garlic and onions. Yum.


that looks so delicious, what i would have done for a bowl of that last night! i got so lost downtown after working for 13 hrs. new building be damned!!


oh and i almost forgot, did you see the britney drama this morning?! good gawd.


Sher, the pasta dish looks divine...chunky tomatoes, sausage and penne...a good combo.


This looks like just the kind of pasta dish I love. I'd use Dreamfield's Penne to work for my diet. (Not for the next two weeks though because I'm doing phase one right now. Something to look forward to.)


Great dish and I fully share the lethargy after the holidays. Right now I'm doing South Beach Diet Phase One - a little regroup from too much good food, so this dish will have to wait a week Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.


I wish I had that last night all curled up by the fireplace... but I had your cereal instead :) Not the energy to cook for one!


PPNDelicious! This looks perfect for the winter, so warm and filling. I walk home from work so crave dishes like this when I get home after walking through the Seattle greyness!


I should move right next to you... due to bad planning, my fridge runs out of food during the holidays. Now can't take my eye off your thick sauce of ragu... starving!


I had a craving for pasta myself today and sure wasn't going to venture out!

Your dish looks delicious, as always. You actually cooked! I just boiled some pasta and through it in a bowl of Progresso Tomato & Basil Soup.

(I bought some grapefruit at the store yesterday..just because of that picture on the previous post!)


I can spell..I meant "threw" it in a bowl. Oh well.


Hi Sher, Happy New Year. The ragu with the perfect pasta looks delish. I want that bowl for my dinner tonight :)


Can I move in with you and Upsie?

; )


LOL! Cereal and milk! I'll second that although my go-to NON diet food has been ramen. I'm sort of cooked out for a little bit. But hopefully we'll get into the diet and cooking spirit soon. Right? Right?



I like your name for this recipe! :):) I'll always think of it that way now.


Yes, I always have some nice reliable staples in the pantry, to see us through the emergency situations. Those types of things can be very comforting.


Working 13 hours!!!!! No! Well, you need a long rest, eating something great...and watching Big Brother! :) Oh yeah, Britney. And you get to see it right there in your town! :):)


Thank you! It's a great recipe, good tasting and very easy. Perfect!


I saw Dreamfield's at Whole Foods and I'm going to try it. :):)


I know all about regrouping after the holidays! :):) Luck to us both.


Sometimes a nice bowl of cereal is the best thing! :):) And in front of a roaring fireplace? Perfect!


I hope you treat yourself to something nice and warming. And maybe some of that fabulous Seattle coffee?


Of course your fridge runs out of food! Your food is so marvelous, I don't know how you keep people from eating it all up all the time! :):)


I like to dress up Progresso soup too. And tossing pasta into it is the best thing.


Let's have a great New Year, eh? :):)


Upsie and I are up for it--but the squirrels are scared you will try to take their mixed nuts away from them! :)


Why yes! The cooking spirit will grow in us. It better!!!!!!


You cannot go wrong with sausage, pasta and tomatoes...of with Chris Noth. We're not getting those episodes yet. Just had one as a teaser.


As you might imagine, this is RIGHT up my alley. How delicious, and easy! Yum, thanks for that.

CatSynth (Amar & Luna)

I realized I hadn't left a comment for this one. I made this recipe twice, one in Santa Cruz and then once in San Francisco - the latter attempt came out great! Simple and fun for a new kitchen.

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This looks like just the type of rice food I really like. I'd use Dreamfield's Penne to operate for my eating habits regime.

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