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January 17, 2008




I don't think I've had had turkey and pasta but this is making a convincing argument to start trying it!

As always, a great presentation!


I have never heard of fazzoletti until now! I wonder how many different kinds of pasta shapes there are?


I love that shape of pasta.


Oh Sher you make it sound wonderful. Know what you mean about the prunes. Some things sound odd but are just perfect in a dish so I can well imagine this is one of them.


I love the sounds of this combination! I want some right now!

Boston Chef


We just used prunes recently as well in a chicken and olive dish! Thanks for more inspiration for these wonderful little fruits!


Well that just looks gorgeous. And now I get stuck going and eating a grilled cheese.


DUDE. Those onions are KILLING me. I love it. This looks so excellent, in so many ways.


This looks soooo good!
I would never have thought about prunes in pasta - but definitely happy to give it a go.
And I love the fazzoletti - had never heard of it, but had been planning on getting my pasta machine out over the weekend anyway!
Thanks :)

Patricia Scarpin

I have never tried turkey stew, Sher - your food looks so good I'm even more curious about it!


i can never find these elusive pasta sheets at the market. its lik squash blossoms, i know they exists but damne it i can get my hands on any, looks delicious, lover the use of rurkey legs..all that good dark meat!


Gorgeous looking dish. I love the sound of it too. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.


Wow, i have never seen nor heard of fazzoletti! Very interesting. I've also never had turkey with pasta unless it was ground turkey in my spaghetti sauce. This dish looks good!!

Maxx and Roxy

We would like to join weekend cat blogging. Thanks.


Sounds delicious! They had cut up turkey legs at the butchers today - like oso buco but turkey. I'm getting ideas....


Sounds so savory! I like the pasta sheet thing, never heard of it..but... I like your using turkey. I want to try more dishes with turkey this year, instead of chicken. Nothing wrong with chicken, but nothing wrong with turkey either! It's a new year!


Ditto, never heard of these pastas and I completely agree what a shame to use them for drying up tears! I prefer your idea of taking the meat of the bone. Everytime I see turkey leg, I think of Renaissance Faire.


I had been looking for some recipes.


Wow... that looks delicious!


That looks really good and it sounds so interesting!


I love chicken thighs with prunes and olives so I already know I would be crazy about these! Gorgeous!


it is such a rustic, comforting home meal! I'd imagine many Italian mamas... say, in the hillside's village in Tuscany... are making the same wonderful dish, more or less as what you did, to their family everyday.

Stuffed Pork Roast with Prunes

I try this one. I guarantee you it’s delicious.

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