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January 15, 2008



That looks really delicious - though I'd skip the caraway seeds. Because they're evil. Aren't brussel sprouts cute? Wee little cabbages. Happy B-day to your hubby - I hope he enjoyed his meal!


I'm probably not someone who'd like this for my birthday (no chocolate...), but the candle helps! Happy birthday to your husband!


How did you know that brussels sprouts are my favorite food? Really, one has to eat something before dessert, and I just love them! This looks like a great way of serving them! Why not have this then a cake with another candle later! Woo! Festive food!

Patricia Scarpin

Happy Birthday to the hubby!
Your idea is wonderful, Sher!


Happy Birthday to the Hubby!

That soup looks gorgeous! I wouldn't mind eating that for my own b'day...




I wouldn't mind that at all for my birthday,I adore brussel sprouts in anything.


Hmm.. with a recipe like this I may have to renew my subscription to Sunset. This looks just fabulous and I bet he loved it. I'm going to give it a try for lunch this coming week.


I am a Brussels sprouts lover, so I would eat every bit of this soup!!


That soup looks delicious! Growing up in California we had brussels sprouts often and at every occasion. I still like them when cooked properly. I'll definately try this. Love the blog...



A brussels sprouts soup sounds pretty interesting.


What a joy! Odd, my husband loves these brussels sprouts very much also. Not sure he'd pick them over a sweet dessert.
Great color.


What a sweet birthday dinner! I love that you made that! Happy b-day to your hubby! Like the hubby, I too am a fan of the brussel sprout, and if given an option between garlic stir fried brussel sprouts or chocolate cake, I would take the sprouts too.


I love those photos and I love Brussels sprouts. Happy birthday to the birthday boy!


I was very amased when I first saw the "whole" brussel (the sprouts on a big log) at a farmer market.
Happy everyday to every brussel's lover!


I too am a lover of the sprout, and would also forego dessert for a bowl of these! This soup looks wonderful. I wonder if it would work with veggie sausage?


I would gladly give your husband every single Brussels sprout that comes my way. hehehe Happy Birthday to him, and more power to anyone who keeps the icky little cabbages away from me. ;)


That is innovative and certainly healthy. Love the candle on top Sher. Happy Birthday to your DH :)


That is innovative and certainly healthy. Love the candle on top Sher. Happy Birthday to your DH :)



My husband is half Czech, and he loves those evil little caraway seeds. I guess it's genetic, because they eat a lot of caraway seeds in Eastern Europe.


Yes, this is a dish for certain people. Brussels sprouts are not universally loved--that's for sure.


LOL!! You are a Brussels sprouts lover--no doubt about that! I have learned to like them--I had to because We've had them so much over the years.


Thank you. Personally, would have preferred to make one of your lovely desserts!


Thank you--But, just like with Patricia, don't forget to have one of your fabulous baked goods for your birthday! I like seeing pictures of them.


I'm glad to see that people liked this dish--I wasn't sure how people would respond. It's like cilantro--these sprouts turn a lot of people off!


Sunset has suddenly improved their recipes, judging by the last issue. I haven't been crazy about their recipes in the past.


Good!!! I'm so happy that there are so many brussels sprout lovers out there!


I so agree with you--they have to be cooked properly or they taste pretty awful! As you know, they grow lot of them near San Francisco, because they love the fog! Thanks for dropping by. You have such a cool name for your blog!


Yes--it's interesting! :):)


Well, I thought it was a bit rigid not to want anything more traditional. But, he REALLY loves the little sprouts. He will eat them first, no mater what you serve.


Garlic stir fried sprouts are wonderful--that's actually my own favorite way to make them. They taste the best that way.


Thank you! Hey, I wonder if you can grow them where you live? It's too hot here in the summer for them to do well.


They are really cute, aren't they? And they have become rather trendy with serious cooks, I think.


Oh, I think the veggie sausage would work just fine! Let me know if you do. There are all kinds of things you could do. Maybe seitan......?


You know what? They make great play toys for the cats. Upsie loves to bat them around on the floor. :):)


Well, I HAD to put a candle on top, don't you think? :):) There had to be something traditional!


I never would have thought about puttng them in soup! Mon mari feels he same way about them and always tosses a huge sackful into the trolley when I'm not looking. I like them, too...just not quite so much!


Well, we have two of the same husbands. Mine wants the sprouts just steamed with a glug of olive oil in the bowl when serviing with salt and pepper. He is a happy camper. I personally always need more, like a mustard sauce or a bit of bacon, etc. He always tells me, they are best by themselves ????


Hi Sher,

In the last few months, you may remember receiving an email invitation to become a part of the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher Program. With all the recipe-writing and food photography to be completed, we know emails can easily get lost in the shuffle, so Foodbuzz would like to re-extend our offer of inviting you to be a part of our food blogger network. I would love to send you more details about the program, so if you are interested, please email me at [email protected].

And I just want to say that I absolutely love what you did with the birthday candle. Brilliant, really. Just because someone can't eat cake doesn't mean they should be deprived of the opportunity to blow something out. =)


Shannon Eliot
Editorial Assistant, Foodbuzz.com
[email protected]


That would be the antithesis of Dave's idea of a happy birthday, but I'm glad it worked out for you! Heh, love it.


I have not eaten brussel sprouts since I was a child. Though I enjoy cooking, I have never cooked with them perhaps out of fear. I really enjoyed the simplicity and yet elegance of this dish. I roasted the sprouts and potatoes with their skin first. It added an extra rustic taste to this soup.


thank you, I to am one of the fans of this little veg. I have made this soup for many years. I add onion to the pot when browning the sausage. Gives another flavor..
Again thank you.


When I was a kid, I hated eating vebeatgles. One night brussel sprouts were the vegetable of the evening. I hid my four in a coffee can on the windowsill that held an avocado pit studded with toothpicks that my Mom was hoping would turn into a plant You know like all Moms did in the 60s Unfortunately, my secret was revealed about a week later when a very unpleasant odor was emanating from that coffee can I was found guilty Forty years later, I friggin LOVE brussel sprouts! Who knew they could actually be tasty! Thanks, my child!

Mary Vincent

Had the same question when a neighbor gave us a stalk. This recipe is fabulous!

Jodi Mueller Casoalri

I have never seen Brussel Sprouts in a soup. I too love this unpopular little veggie. My Step-Father told us they were turtle heads when we were kids, needless to say they resemble what you would think a turtle head looked like. With that description, It's a miracle I ever ate them. To this day my children & I, still call them turtle heads.
I do think I'll add to it, garlic, onion, carrots, potatoes. However, still making the brussel sprout the star.
You say do not overcook, So If I cooked this in a slow cooker, which I do all soups, for flavor. I assume you would recommend adding brussel sprouts at the end of the cooking time, which I do with potatoes so they don't end up mushy. Also, I'd love to try them garlic stir fry as mentioned, Recipe Please??

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