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December 08, 2007



After roasting the seeds from my pumpkin I now understand that these lovely green morsels are the seed inside the big seed... And I don't know how to get them out to just roast this part.
As it is, they were good, but like sunflower seeds in the shell. Eating them involved cracking, spitting and opening.
On the other hand.....it took rather a long time to eat just a few...


Now where do I find that salt?
Love pumpkin seeds and haven't done any for an age.
Lovely Sher.


These are so yummy: it is difficult to stop eating them. A nice gift, I agree.


Ii don't think I could share, sher! They look too good and they would go right into my happy mouth!


It's amazing.. We don't eat pumpkin seeds in France.. it's great I came to you.. following my virtual friend http://photoguylaine.over-blog.com. I'am going to try this as soon as possible.
Thanks to you


It's official. We do have the same tastebuds. I could never resist something like that either. I want some of that salt!


Yum! Perfect snack for me if you ask ;)


I wish I had a bowl of them right now--they look so yummy!


Looks beautiful


love the picture! yeah no way i could resist those little morsels. yum!


Mmm... I love pumpkin seeds!

(I hope posting this comment works. I tried to post a "feel better Upsie" message on your last post, and I got a message that said Typepad won't publish it because it's spam!).


I want that magic salt! (actually I want your magic hands :) :)


Peter Morse, who makes the Mor-sels salt, told me that the mix is primarily lemon, rosemary, thyme and sage from his garden, but that occasionally other herbs might be in the mix. That's the beauty of hand-made artisan products -- they're not exactly the same every time. Which, of course, is what gets us addicted -- we need to keep coming back to see what the next batch is like, and then the batch after that.... Anyway, I'm so glad you're loving the salt. It's always in my pantry.


Those are the shiniest and tastiest looking pumpkin seeds. I'll have to look for that salt. What a great idea!


What a great snack idea! My problem would be not to eat the whole bowl!


Ooooh, these sound wonderful!


I am the opposite. I have a hard time resisting sweets and they are floating all over... I can't escape! The roasted pumpkin seeds look delish :)


Yum . . . .

I roasted some pumpkin seeds and almonds with a spice mix that I used in pumpkin cupcakes a month or so ago and they turned out beautifully (I just remembered, I tried to freeze a batch . . . I'll have to check on them and let you know how it worked out). These look very similar. Thanks!

Laurie Constantino

So shiny and delicious looking. I know I couldn't trust myself around these, but I sure do want them. Great recipe!


Oh I bet these are a tasty snack. And I would be in luck since my husband Mr. Picky eats hardly anything...so they would be all mine.

Patricia Scarpin

I love them for sounding so easy to prepare, Sher!

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