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December 14, 2007



Oh, I'm so HAPPY for you and Pumpkin! Yay!!!


This would be why I currently have 8 cats. I keep being told that I need to find homes for some of them, but who do you decide to let go? Once they cross the threshold, they become apart of my family. ;)


Lucky kitty! The car thing is really a big problem.



We are happy too. He's very sweet and so happy to be out of the cold.


I hear you! I once had 7 cats, all cast-offs or ones I inherited. I never got rid of any of them. How could I?


Yes, it's a terrible problem. They say to thump your hood before you get in the car to scare any cats out, but that doesn't always work.


I am such a softie for Ginger cats. What a blessing for Pumpkin, and for you. How is Upsie dealing with it all??


Sher, Pumpkin is gorgeous--what a look on his face in that second photo!--and incredibly lucky to have someone like you take him in. If I were a stray cat, I would probably find myself drawn to your backyard by the magnet force of your compassion and generosity.


You are such a kind person! I'm glad to see that you are taking care of Pumpkin... He's such a beautiful kitty!




I know that must have been tough on you after losing Sundance, but it's so wonderful that you have opened up your home to Pumpkin- what a beautiful cat!



Oh I am so happy Pumpkin is inside, and he sure does look a lot like Sundance. I miss Sundance too, and it makes me happy that to see Pumpkin. I am glad Pumpkin likes his binkie and kneads it! Meow!

The Cat Realm

This is making me so happy to hear!!!!
Pumpkin seems to be such a gorgeous cat, I am glad he can live safely now and is content being inside!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Such a sweet little freckle-nose. I'm glad he's safe and warm inside now.


Am so glad u are both taking good care of Pumpkin. Hope Muffin comes in soon.


dear sher,

this is an awesome story, and it proves that you not only got your good looks from your mom but her enormous heart!

love to all kitties and the humans who are blessedly conscious enough to be kind to them.



Aw, bless, pumpkin looks like a really sweet cat.


What a wonderful Christmas gift to give. Bless you. : )


I'm so glad Pumpkin came inside. Hopefully Muffin will follow soon.

I hate that cats have to live outside, thanks to human irresponsibility. There's a kitty in our neighborhood who crouches at the foundation of an older woman's house (this woman feeds the feral cats in our area) trying to stay warm. It breaks my heart. I *so* want to bring her inside. I think my destiny is in some way going to have to do with animals.

Thank you for the sweet pictures!


Pumpkin! My boyfriend's parents have an orange cat named pumpkin, only she's about 15 pounds heavier than this pumpkin, if you can believe that.

I'm so glad you guys are taking car of cute little Pumpkin.



Upsie is fine with it, because she can try and steal his food! She thinks it's great! :)


Aww, thank you! He really is happy now--making bisquits all the time.


He is very handsome. And his personality has bloomed since he came inside.


Thank you. I do think of Sundance when I look at Pumpkin. I think Sundance would have liked him.


Pumpkin LOVES his binkie...and his comforter! :):)

The Cat Realm,

Karl, Pumpkin is doing so well here. He was often aloof when he was outdoors, but he's Mr. Lovable now! Shows how much cats want a home.


I also feel better now that he's inside. I'm not worried anymore.


Muffin has come in!!! She's still a little nervous, but I think she likes it.


Thank you D. I just hope I don't turn out to be one of those women who hoards cats!!!!!!!


He is, truly!!! :)


Glad to hear from you! And thank you.


I know, it's so sad to see how many animals are without homes, forced to fend for themselves, in awful circumstances.


I wish I could be like this Pumpkin. He's the kind of cat that never eats too much. His sister, on the other hand, would eat until she could barely walk!


Sher -

You're the cat whisperer. People like you renew my faith in social life.


Welcome to your new home, Pumpkin


i remember pumpkin, look at that marmalade face! cute. it's so dangerous out there in the world for little kitties. i know how hard it was with sundance. be sweet to the orange one upsie ;)


Congrats on the new addition! Pumpkin is such a gorgeous kitty, and I hope Muffin follows her lead. It angers me so much when people abandon their cats because they don't want to care for them anymore. The least they can do is take them to a shelter.

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