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December 29, 2007



Upsie, you're so pretty with your crossed paws. I've been wondering if you like Pumpkin and Muffin. Do they chase your big floofy tail around? I'd like to pretend I'm Godzilla and take a big bite out of one of those pretty houses! Meowy Christmas!


i love how your fur is gray on the outside and white underneath. so delightful!

i had a great holiday this year thanks to Boopsie for saving my holiday meal for 6. i had lost the recipe for the main dish on the way to the grocery store, but was able to look it up from my mobile phone.

give yourself an after holiday treat and check out www.boopsie.com and download it to your phone and 2008 will be a the year of you!


Hah -- I love the Trail of Tears cookies!!! We use a foot-shaped cookie cutter for our Drop In & Decorate cookies, and it's always a popular shape. Will have to try filling them with dulce de leche. It sounds delicious.


Wow, what gorgeous food! I love those Gingerbread Houses and Feet Cookies... They look amazing!
Upsie, humans are complex beings ;-P... You are very beautiful on that picture!

Cheers and Happy New Year!



Upsie, it sounds like you need to do an intervention to help your mom overcome her butter dependency. As soon as you've taken care of it there, I need you to come to my house and help me work on my (eating lots of) butter issues.

Tell your Mom Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Tell Pumpkin and Muffin too. Hope all of you have a great 2008!


But you know, it's pretty to look at the Gingerbread Houses! I don't like putting them together, I always mess up on the icing! LOL!

Happy New Year to you all! :)


But you know, it's pretty to look at the Gingerbread Houses! I don't like putting them together, I always mess up on the icing! LOL!

Happy New Year to you all! :)


You really have a royal look on this picture ! and apparently Christmas was very nice for you with so much food. Your mom has a good appetite, lol !


Upsie, your furs look fabulous. Glad you had a good Chrissymouse.
By the way, I think your Mom likes to eat as much as Mini does. And that's saying something.
Boni Maroni


Aw Upsie! You looks so pretty and filled with the holiday-paper spirit! We've been wondering how you were feeling and hope you and your peoples had a lovely holiday.

CatSynth (Amar & Luna)

Those cheese tamales look great, at least to me as a human. Tuna sounds good too, though.
Glad you all had a great holiday, and look forward to reading more of Upsie's adventures in the new year.


You look fabulous Upsie. The holidays certainly agreed with you. Sounds like one catnipulous time.


oh boni maroni is right! wow, i dont even want to admit what i've been eating lately upsie. tell your mom that my days are like this:

wake up mimosa, back at the troft
repeat possibly adding expensive wine and chocolates
back at the troft......middle of the night troft snack in underpants standing at the fridge in the dim light...

put me out of my misery!

xo aria now melonfish.com!


Upsie, can I bribe you with chuncky tuna? Please snatch me some little feet cookies, sooooooo cute!
Sher, Upsie, Pumpkin and Muffin, have a wonderful New Year!


I'm glad Upsie got her tuna again this year!

Those nachos look thrilling, and so do the tamales. I was lucky enough to receive some pork and chicken tamales from a friend who made them with a group of Hispanic women here in town just before Christmas (they were celebrating the Posadas -- a tradition I had not heard of previously). Man, were those good!

Happy new year, and all the best for 2008!


I'm so glad you got to enjoy some Italian tuna, Upsie. And wow-is your mom a talented chef or what? Her house looks delicious (even though it may not smell very nice to you) and those feet cookies are very cute!

Happy New Year, sweet Upsie!


Tell Mom she's not alone Upsie. Everybody's feeling a little roly-poly right now. Thank God the holidays are over...glad you're were good ones!


Aww..love the crossed paws! Nice shave marks on that front leg, Upsie. Very fashionable, and so much easier to access a vein!

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sher, Upsie, squirrels, and assorted other beings at "What Did You Eat"!


I so relate to the food mania! Lots of that going on around my house too. Naughty upsie, drinking the tree water. Hmmm...wonder if it tastes like gin?

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