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December 22, 2007



I'm imagining the inner dialog going on there: "I may be having a sugar high at the moment, but that's no reason to take advantage of me in this undignified manner!"


Upsie, Merry Christmas dear. I would meow purrty loud if my humans made me into a walking wreath. BUT! I am so glad that Muffin decided inside was good too. I love how your new roommates look (they look like me!)


Aaawwww, I'm so happy to see Pumpkin and Muffin inside. They look very content on their bed.

CatSynth (Amar & Luna)

Happy Holidays, Upsie and Sher :)

Poor Upsie, even if you are a bit embarrassed, at least your costume is "festive".

We're thinking about the poor kitties and humans and other animals who need homes, too - I guess it makes us grateful for our current and future home.


Upsie, meow-y Christmas to you, your two new friends and your mom!
Today I almost went to give a blanket to a lady who sleeps in the street that is just across my apartment block. For unknown reasons I haven't ever seen one street cat.


Oh, I love when the outdoor cats decide that being indoors is a good thing! Yay! They are gorgeous, although not as gorgeous as Upsie in a holly wreath!

Have a fantastic Christmas, Sher. I'm so glad I know you.


Wow - I LOVE that last Upsie pic. When I scrolled down and saw it, I almost spit coffee out of my nose. Nice! Upsie's sooooo pretty in holly. Was Pumpkin and Miffin always their names - or did you name them? I'm so glad that they're safe inside and have a great family now. It's a Merry Christmas fur sure!


When I was growing up we had a Cocker that would let us dress her up like that and worse.
I'm in awe that you get these photos!
Merry Christmas to all.


oh my, that is precious! Upsie's look just says it all.

Have a wonderful Christmas from all of us!!

Joy T.

LOL oh Upsie, I say you get Kitty of the Year!! How cute and adorable you are with your decorations on LOL I'm quickly stopping by to wish everyone in your home a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


What wonderful pictures of Upsie today! I'm still trying to get anything Christmas-y on China Cat & Willow and not having much luck. Pumpkin and Muffin look so sweet on the bed!
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


Your family are just too cute! Great last photo!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Sher!
My best,


It's just so wrong to put a christmas wreath on a cat==but happy holidays, anyway!


Although sometimes while sitting in the windows we think it looks like it might be nice to go outside, when it snowed yesterday we all took a vote and decided to show our appreciation to mom that we were inside cats by laying on her all her night.

From the 8 of us to all of you, Happy Holidays!


I just love those photos. Merry Christmas!


LOL! Love that last pic of Upsie--very animated! I think it's wonderful you've brought Pumpkin and Muffin in too. You have a nice little kitty family going on again.


dear upsie, a loving and peaceful merry christmas to you, and please give your mom a big santa hello from us.

we were thinking of her yesterday when an unexpected present fell off the roof and tumbled into the downspout. you guessed it -- a squirrel!

and guess what we figure we learned about their instincts -- always climb up, up, up -- even if freedom and fresh air and light are but inches away in the other direction.

poor little soul would scrabble up a few inches only to claws-screeching-on-metal slide back to the curve of the downspout started and the drain pipe led away from the house about 6 feet. and the noise was terrible.

eventually we got with the program and dismantled much of the downspout and drain pipe, until we could see a few hairs of his little tail. we leaned against the house and got real quiet.

yet even with freedom but a few millimeters away, he still tried to go up and hang on for dear life. thank god for gravity. slowly his tail, then his butt, then one long skinny solitary foot hung out. he would not surrender. it was so cute at this point, little dangling foot and knowing by now he's no longer trapped.

then out he plopped! anticipating a mad dash to freedom, we were surprised at how poised he was, as though he were collecting himself, as if to say, "what was that about?" then he slowly hopped away to his favorite pine in the yard and casually disappeared from view.

my husband and i were laughing and happy and thinking that this made it really feel like christmas -- the gift of an opportunity to serve a wee furry -- when i remembered and cried out: THE CAMERA! we forgot the camera!

oh, well. i'll tell sher and upsie - that will be more than enough fun for the holiday.

kisses to all the pussycats.


Happy Holidays!

Upsie looks sooooo cute! Pumpkin and Muffin seem very happy! I love those pictures!




Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Upsie, Muffin, Pumpkin, and Sher! And Upsie, you look fetching, as always.


Oh Sher, that photo is too cute! I used to dress my cats up in baby clothes. ;-)

I hope that you've had a great holiday season and all the best for 2008.


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