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December 05, 2007



Sher, I had so much fun thinking of what to send you, and I'm so glad you're having fun with our Rhode Island salt and pepper. They've become instant staples in my pantry. Now I'm going to try these bruschetta!


Oh how fun! I'm clapping my hands for you. I must look like an idiot all by myself but what the hell--how fun!


How wonderful! I do love this bruschetta! And walnut sourdough, oh my that sounds like extra special bruschetta!


Isn't Christmas wonderful!
And so, by the looks of it, is that bruschetta - I love the chickpeas. I have been hungry for them and have just been looking for a new recipe - now I've found it!


Hi Sher, How fun! I think the Rhode Island Red sauce is very fun. Very creative to have a play on salt and pepper. So, it is just about as fun to see you reveal your spicy present as it was to open mine! I think that this is such a fun idea! I am glad you are having fun with your spices!


That is the most creative take on bruschetta I have ever seen! What a great idea for a protein packed version of the old favorite.

Also, I'm so excited that you enjoyed your gift and that you decided to play along with us. I wish you a season filled with continued happiness and excitement!


how cool! and the bruschetta looks wonderful.

Laurie Constantino

What a great looking Bruschetta. I love chickpeas with almost anything, and this looks so appetizing. The salt sounds very interesting -- I also got seasoned salt for my Seasoned Eatings surprise present and I'll bet it would be perfect for this dish.

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

The dish looks great, I could bite into the screen :-)

Happy Holidays!

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