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December 04, 2007



Sher, this looks so yummy! Great for party seasons, too. :)


You are so right -- deviled eggs are welcome at any party!


Great idea, and I agree, the perfect party food. Love the idea of adding pesto to deviled eggs. Never heard of that before!


Hi Dear Sher, what a wonderful idea! I love deviled eggs, and I love pesto. What a lovely presentation with the basil leaf and pine nuts. I agree, it is a great idea for a party, for real or for cyber!


They are not pedestrian...I am a huge deviled egg fan...my dad fight over them at holidays usually. And the additional of pesto sounds so wonderful. I can't wait to make these the next time my dad comes around...though I may have to wrestle him to the floor for them...but if I do...it will make for a good post :)



They were yummy. They didn't last long! :):)


In my family, they are always expected at a party. It just seems right to see them. :)


I know you have pesto in the freezer, so try this sometime. It's super easy and quite nice to eat. And low fat mayo works too.


Thank you. It was fun to decorate them with the pine nuts. And that gave a nice little crunch too.

Patricia Scarpin

My goodness, Sher! These are the perfect treat for a pesto convert like me!


You are always so perfect Sher. These are totally perfect for any party and excellent for Peabody's!


Remarkably simple with classic Med. ingredients and these types of recipes always win me over as being so obvious yet no one thought to interpret such ingredients...into deviled eggs, bravo!


Oh, I haven't had a deviled egg in so long, and if one crossed my path, I would never turn it down!! I'm thinking I may have to make these for Christmas dinner this year!


This looks great! I think I'll try this for deviled eggs next time!


I have never had deviled eggs. They look and sound really good! I like the idea of freezing pesto in cubes! Thanks for the tip.


I like hard-boiled eggs, but not deviled eggs. That said, your photos are gorgeous as always!


I love it! And you're right. Everyone sort of thinks of them as pedestrian but it's the first thing always gone at every party I've ever been too. Yours are lovely.


Those deviled eggs are extremely attractive! Yummy! Very spring-like somehow (is it the green?)...




Those deviled eggs are extremely attractive! Yummy! Very spring-like somehow (is it the green?)...




Those deviled eggs are extremely attractive! Yummy! Very spring-like somehow (is it the green?)...



Theresa D

how long would this last in the fridge before it goes bad?

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