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December 23, 2007



Is there anything better than a butter cookie with jam I ask you? I think not! Happy Holidays and Joyful New Year!!


They look so good! I think these need to be our Santa cookies tonight!


Wow, Christmas visitors who arrive with boxes of homemade cookies!! Can she come to my house next?


Now that is one priceless recipe. Baking cookies at 90. Maybe she should meet my 91 y/o dad.
Have a joyful day Sher.


I know what you mean about simple cookies. The ones I made in the cookie press like my mom did have been addictive (I can't wait until they're gone just for the guilt factor!). There is something really homey and wonderful about a simple but comforting cookie made mostly of butter, sugar, and flour. Simple is best sometimes!

gladys Nelson

The pictures look great! Happy eating! Love G.


How lucky you are to be able to bake with your lovely mother-in-law! Happy holidays to you and your family, Sher.


Christmas Schmistmas I say - but those cookies look so yummy! I love shortbread. I hope you have great holidays, Sher!


These look so simple, yet so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


Hi Sher - Those look lovely...and got my heart beating a bit faster. At first glance I thought they were Peruvian alfajores.

Karen Jo

Those cookies look wonderful. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas.


These sound like such wonderful cookies!


Yum. I'm all about the Christmas cookies. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Sher.


Too fun! A day to put in the memory bank. Cookies look easy to make and, like your lace cookie recipe, I probably could do these also! Hope you had a great Christmas Sher!


So simple and so pretty! I think I will tuck away the recipe in the cookie file.

Happy Holidays Sher!


Sher, really thanks for sharing your family recipe and the holiday's special! Bunty has such beauiful hands :) :)
I will see my mother-in-law (who lives in NJ) soon as I'm going to fly off next week. If she cooks something special, probably I take a few snap-shots as well.
Have a great 2008!!!

Sanjee of CB and HotMBC

Sher, will you email me about WCB? I have a general question and this weekend's WCB has a problem too, sooo... drop me a line? Thanks!
Sanjee and Robyn

Robyn and Sanjee

Just FYI Samantha Black and Tigger will be doing Weekend Cat Blogging December 29 and 30th at The Tuxedo Gang Hideout since Kashim and Othello are net-less. http://tuxedoganghideout.blogspot.com/
Robyn and the Kitties


Six months preggers and woke up this morning craving Empire biscuits. Since there's nowhere near us to buy them, I thought I might try making some, so Googled and found your recipe. They turned out beautifully and taste absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing :)


Thanks! I made these, and they turned out PERFECTLY.

Cynthia Mc

Discovered these at the Highland Games one year and I totally understand why your husband doesn't want to share.


assuming that Bunty is in fact British, any chance you could post this recipe in grams or ounces (probably more her style?) This seems a very genuine recipe, so I'd love to use it. However, as a Scot I have no idea what weight of butter is in a cup and our packets are marked in 25g increments!


silly me, I should have asked the internet! Apparently 1 cup butter is 225g :o)


Yummmmmmy! My favorite,I was trying to think of something to make for xmas cookies & these popped into my head.Always a hit!And not everyone makes them.

Anne J A Smith

When I was a small child livng in Scotland in 1945 my Mother called them German biscuits. Can't think why.

[email protected].

Anne J A Smith, 85 Albert Road, Gourock, PA19 1NJ. Scotland.

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