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November 21, 2007



Way to be non-traditional. For Chirstmas if it is just my hubby and I, we make steak stuffed with crab. So I say great idea.


Sher, I love the crisps! People pay to buy these in the market when they are so easy to make? Thank you for this post and I just might try the sip too!


Yum! We're making a hearty soup as a main course, too. Every year we do something different, but it's rarely the traditional turkey dinner. Enjoy!

Patricia Scarpin

What a delicious recipe, Sher!
I'm gonna make it next time we want something special to nibble!


That looks great! Sometimes, it is more interesting to prepare non-conventional meals during the festivities...

Happy Thanksgiving!




I want to come to your house for Thansgiving!
What time are you eating?
Love the crisps... and the dip...


I like the sound of cannellini bean based dip with sun dried tomatoes. Nice photos.


Happy Thanksgiving, Sher! :)


Shrimp and crab gumbo for Thanksgiving? Yes! What a great idea.

I'm bookmarking this; I'm on the lookout for good appetizer recipies right now. This sounds simple to make -- always a plus, especially when you're getting ready for having a crowd over.


I think that sounds like a great Thanksgiving menu! Love the sound of the pita crisps and the sun-dried tomato dip! I can use whole wheat pita and make it very South Beach friendly too. Hope you're having a good Thanksgiving.


Holy Moly Sher, the crisps and the dip look wonderful. Soon as I'm home, I must make a batch of this. It might just have to be for a good lonely night by myself!

Glenda Kapsalis

This sounds like a lovely combination of my favorite beans - cannellini _ and tangy sun-dried tomatoes. I can imagine it topped with crumbles of chevre! I'm going to make it soon - and the pitta crisps as well. Nice recipe and pictures.


I'm gonna have to save this - I love dips, and those pita crisps sound like the perfect thing to eat with the dip!!


I made the dip tonight! It was really great. I'll have to watch the amount of garlic I add as mine was particularly strong and one of my kids said it was TOO SPICY! I love that the ingredients are all things that I keep on hand too.

Laurie Constantino

Wow, both those recipes sound really delicious, and also easy; the perfect combination. Thanks for the post!


Oh, my gosh. Just catching up here, and you have been cooking the most wonderful things! I'm tagging this right away -- both the strips and the dip are big-time keepers. I love the tomatoes with the cannelini beans; what a great dip.


Oh, and my oregano is still hanging on, on the patio. Gotta make this tonight!


Oh, I am jealous! My family would rebel were we to ever try something 'different'. Love the gumbo, and that dip ain't too shabby, either.


I have been looking for a vegan sundried tomato dip to make for the football game this Sunday. This will be perfect. Thanks

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