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November 06, 2007


Patricia Scarpin

Sher, I'm having lunch in 2 hours - send me some, please!


Oh wow, Sher! That looks sooooooooo good! I know what you mean, too, about how food is so much more filling when you have to work your jaw. It's all the things that are soft and creamy, to me, that are easy to go down and just as to overeat.


Yes Sher it really does help to chew more and give it time to register in the weak brain I have. Funny now we happen to have one of those chickens in the fridge right now . . . Lunch or Dinner. Gorgeous photo.


that looks delicious! haha, your so funny and cruel now i want a chicken roasting in the oven so bad. i love radishes so much,, i always have them around for snacking. i would love to grow them some day :)


Oh yes, this looks like a wonderful option to In and Out burger indeed! I know what you mean about how your brain can just drive you to one of those places if you're not fully in control. I'm going to save this recipe! It's perfect for South Beach!


I think what is dangerous is having this good looking tasty (albeit low fat) food around you. One could eat buckets of it, and the in-n-out burger, sigh!


This salad does sound wonderful, Sher. Great way of store-bought chicken!


Wow! Just the carrot raita is making me hungry! This is beautiful Sher.


This salad does look light and lovely! Wish I had your discipline....


As usual, I find my mouth watering over something I can't eat! No chicken for vegetarians! Bad, Anne, bad!

I did, however, point my coworker to this recipe because I think she can love it vicariously for me. Or, wait... I can love it vicariously through her. Indeed!

Good on you for the three pounds lost. I need to join you on this quest. Tomorrow, really. Thank you for the inspiration!



I wish I could have shared it with you!


Yes, it helps if my jaws get tired! :)


A nice roasted chicken on hand is such a good thing! There's half of the chicken left in the fridge and I'm going to use the rest of it tomorrow.


I love radishes too! I used to eat them every day, but now that I have a low thyroid, I have to limit them. :(


It was a terrific recipe. I was able to eat quite a good serving, because it's low in calories. Glad you liked it!


Oh, if only it were true--that i
I could eat both of them at the same meal. :)


Thank you! They're a handy thing to have around.


Yes, the riata is very good! And it could be eaten alone.


My "discipline" is a very transitory thing!!!! :)


This would taste great without the chicken, so do try it. I think you would like it.


That looks like lots of lovely chewing. I usually start in on the gum (sugar-free). Sunflower seeds work - in the shell, and shell them before eating, as do rice cakes...but I have to put something on them so that, sometimes, defeats the purpose...
Whole thing sucks - Bon Courage!


Congrats on the loss!!! I am bumping my running mileage as the holidays come closer! This salad sounds and looks wonderful!


"required lots of chewing..." I totally get it. It looks totally delicious!


Wait. Let me say "totally" one more time...(I just hate when that happens.) But while I'm here, congrats on the loss. I'm trying hard to do same with no results so far. *sigh*

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