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November 16, 2007



I think I always prefer fresh over dried spices. Oregano is one that will grow through the winter here.
The tomato relish looks wonderful on that slice of bread, certainly good enough for Thanksgivings!


I'm impressed. What a wonderful looking lunch to have concocted from cleaning-out-the-freezer leftovers! I agree about the fresh oregano. Some is good, but too much is very bad.


What a wonderful post using a sausage...how elegant and the relish looks sultry.


Love the idea of using a fresh relish to perk up a simple sausage!


Now that's the way to clean out the freezer! I love those sausages, they are a perfect quick meal, and so delicious!


Apple franks sound interesting! I will have to look for some to try.

Kristen Doyle

Oh you crack me up with the freezer inspection! This looks really good. I love that photo!


Ooooooooh absolutely delicious. Love your relish. Happy Thanksgiving Sher. Have great time with family


Any excuse to eat a cocktail frank I say...even if it means cleaning the freezer. I hope you pass inspection, if it should come to that!


mmmmm...yummy! And thanks for the reminder. I need to clean out the freezer too. And the hall closet...and the kitchen drawers..and the...


That would inspire me to clean my freezer...
Tell Upsie that Emma is commiserating about the diet thing...she pretty much thinks it sucks, too!

Laurie Constantino

Nice looking relish -- I bet it went really well with those little franks. And great pictures!


I love it as an appetizer.

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