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November 18, 2007



Incredible how expressive a face can be under all that fur!


Upsie, it's pretty tough being you isn't it??

I'd ask you about the squirrels but I'm thinkin' that's not the best idea right now.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Upsie, I think you speak for many of us.


Awww Upsie. When my cat Charlie (who had diabetes, too) got hungry, he used to pull the food bowl out from under our doggie's nose! Can you find a doggie?


Poor Upsie! I feel for ya. I know yr mum is doing this for yr own good.


Hunger is not my friend either, Upsie. But your mom knows what's best for you, and wants to make sure you're able to stay with her for a good long time.


Hang in there, Upsie. Hunger IS our friend...it's just that hunger is that bitchy, crappy, backbiting friend that we all have in our lives.


Only 4 days til Thanksgiving Ups! Mom has got to relent on Thursday and give you some goodies. Happy Thanksgiving!


Do they make low-fat snacks for cats? I'd ask your mom about it...and get that cute pouty look on your face when you do.


Upsie, I know, hunger is kind of a problem, but it is good for you. I gotta tell ya, the same thing is going on at my house too. Only 2 less than full scoops of food for me per day, and they think that is enough. No way, I just meow and walk on their faces all night and all morning before the buzzer.


Oh dear, that's not fair, but it's for your health so you have to accept the situation! You are extremely cute, anyway!

Maruschka also tries to bore us to death with her cries, but we won't let go ;-P...



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