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November 23, 2007



I love your scarf, pretty miss Upsie! You look like a high-class madam with it!




Haha those pictures are awesome! I love that scarf, so beautiful! :)


Upsie! You're soooooo pretty! Good that you got some shrimp. Good that you're thankful for the shrimp and the scarf and for Martha Stewart! You're a good girl!


Gad when you get Upsie, you really do a number. Great scarf!

Pia K

By the look on your pretty face I can tell you much prefered the shrimps - but I do think you're just adorable in that scarf!


Oh, Upsie- that's truly a gorgeous scarf. What a cougar you are! ;)


Upsie you look wonderful with your scarf!
Like a perfect lady!
we hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Real live dead shrimp for Thanksgiving, Upsie! Tasty! Your scarf looks great on you too. Purrfect Pattern.
Fanks for joining us at Weekend Cat Blogging this week!
Pepi, Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, and Gree


Oh, Upsie looks so nice in that scarf! And Shrimp for Thanksgiving - what a lucky kitty!


LOL. You rook MAHVELOUS Upsie. And you know it's much more important to ROOK mahvelous than to FEEL mahvelous. Hopefully you ROOK and FEEL mahvelous with a new scarf and Thanksgiving shrimp. YUM!


Oh Upsie, you're always so chic and fancy. Glad you got some shrimp for Thanksgiving! Hope you and your mom celebrated in a style befitting of that beautiful scarf.

Kelly Cat

Ah, Bertha's Kitty Boutique, for persons who care about cats. Nice scarf, and it looks good on you, too. Still, they don't sell the real essential things, like shrimp.


Cool..very cool. I can't get my cats to eat shrimp!


too cute!


Upsie looks beautiful in her scarf!

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