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November 08, 2007


Patricia Scarpin

Dieting sucks, sweetie, but sometimes it's necessary, right? :S
This soup looks so good!


This looks so delicious, Sher! A comfort bowl of soup noodle!


What's more comforting than chicken noodle soup? This looks yummy -- and you'd never know it was "diet" food.


Sher I'd say this is just right . . . that looks lovely. For some reason the carrot seems extra good in the photo. How could it miss, it has wine in it!


I'm buying a rotisserie chicken tonight when I do my weekly Costco thing. You're inspiring me.


Funny post and I do hope you catch the cellophane theif. He's been here stealing various pastas and nuts!

Thanks for a great dish and I can't wait for the cellophane dish...perhaps next week.


This is truly a soup that eats like a meal and you captured the essence of the dish well in your photo.


I just saw this soup at Presto Pasta Night and I have to say it looks so delicious. I usually put elbow macaroni in mine, but I'll have to try the soup with angel hair pasta next time. It makes it almost like a Pho.


Damn, I hate it when that happens! You know it's there; you just saw it, and 'Bam' it's gone (could it be Emeril???)
Great looking pasta dish, even if you did have to substitute!


Hey Sher...I got your noodles but somehow you ended up with my angel hair....! Looks wonderful and so comforting!


This looks so good! I wonder if I could find something similar in a crockpot form. The crockpot has been my friend lately.

Two thumbs up here!


Oh yum! I could tuck into a big bowl of that right now. REally lovely, Sher.


This looks wonderful!

Kristen Doyle

What a great use for rotisserie chicken. That same thief stole my corn starch the other day. I'm sure tomorrow he'll bring it back it and it will be right under my nose :)

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I am glad that I found this recipe. Really nice and perfect for this season. Thanks.

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