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November 14, 2007



And I'm just eternally grateful that you have this blog! You really do excite the taste buds with this one, well and the eyes also. Never been brave enough to try wontons, now I see I need too.


So yummy, Sher! This is a bowl of comfort!


Sher, they look delish and as authentic as anything I've seen in Chinatown!


Your wontons look perfect, and I'm intrigued by the lime dipping sauce. Will bookmark!


Wow, how gorgeous! With the cold weather we are having here, that dish would be more than welcome...




I'm a huge fan of wontons too, but I've been too lazy to try them from scratch. Trader Joe's frozen ones often make their way into my dinner. :) Thanks for this recipe - I love that it's made with ground turkey!


I love boiled wontons too (though I wouldn't ever pass up a fried one). I'll have to make something like this soon... yours looks fantastic!


I love wontons too and your wontons look so delicate and delicious. Eating them without the broth is an excellent idea -- the wontons are far and away the best part of wonton soup.


I love soft wontons... I never thought to make them and just eat them, without the soup. Sometimes I am amazed at my lack of imagination!


A delightful recipe - I can't wait to try them, maybe with some pork from Polyface Farm.


Nice looking wontons! The dip sounds nice and tasty.


Even I am Chinese, I only realized the meaning of "wonton" today from reading your post :) :) ...(just like I chatted with an Amercian girl in our spanish class, she wouldn't necessarily notice what infinitive words (and etc...) were in her language...we take our things for granted).
Your combination of ginger with turkey is superb! I will cry for a HUGE bowl!!!

lydia hamre

This is a keeper!


You know I had a friend who claimed that her father produced the first really good commercial wonton wrapper. Hmmmm sounds good to me! And your meaty soldiers look superb. I'll show up for duty and eat up fast.


So beautiful, so scrumptious...can I come to dinner? Thanks so much for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.


I shall take the bull by the horns one night and stop procrastinating making wontons as I have all the ingredients for such a dish! Love the soft ones too, and the fried....oh gosh I am doomed!
You give me so many great recipes, like Tanna, I want to thank you for having this blog! Keep it up!


look at that! mmmm, i remember the wonton soup you made, it made me crave them too and now i remember my craving was never satisfied. i need to take care of that this weekend. i believe your wantons are marching in a phalanx, so disciplined...

Boston Chef

Looks delicious - wouldn't mind some of those test meatballs!


Those look divine! I have got to make those someday.


I remember making wontons with my mum and grandmother - it was like a little production line. Sooo good. I also use wonton wrappers to make ravioli and I can never be arsed to make my own pasta!

Have you tried making pot sticker dumplings?


I don't care for deep fried wontons either. I like them boiled...not so harsh on the stomach.

This looks killer! YUM!


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Your pictures are so nice, thanks for making the wontons look so appealing. =>



Thank you for posting this repcie found it via Tastespotting and this is now my current favorite thing to eat. I don't really like store-bought wontons, but these I LOVE!Still haven't gotten the hang of making them look cool, but it works and tastes fantastic. Thank you!!!

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