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November 26, 2007



What a gorgeous crust you got on your bread. Well done.


I wanted to make my bread for Thanksgiving dinner too, but I didn't quite have the time. My big loaf looks just like yours! :)


Oh Sher, I want to be able to go out with flipflops too but if I did I would freeze to death right now, how I envy you! and yes, it's a great bread, looks good and the crust-yes!


Hi Sher,
Isn't this bread so delicious! I couldn't get enough of it. I haven't tried it with a sweet spread, so I'll leave it plain next time so that I can do just that.


All of your breads look beautiful! I would have gone right for the little rolls -- too tempting to pass up.


Oh I agree it was the best potato bread ever. YOurs looks simply lovely. Way to go!!


your loaf looks so good! I think I should have let mine get more colour like yours, I was a little over cautious with my first challenge!


You've managed to get a great crust...and the roll looks really good.


your bread looks great and you have inspired me to try it again and see if i like it more

Butta Buns

It looks wonderful, that crust must be something else!


Your breads look marvelous! I particularly love that gorgeous focaccia! Well done!




Beautiful crust and bread. I'm inspired to try again soon.


Looks great! My focaccia dimples disappeared too.


Looks great! My focaccia dimples disappeared too.


Looks great! My focaccia dimples disappeared too.


Looks amazing! That focaccia is calling my name, over and over again! I bet this would be awesoem with that gumbo of yours. Eh! I thought pjs were proper for grocery store advetures...now I have got to dress? Dang...no more fun!!!


Oh my, I still have some left for sandwiches and looking at yours makes me want to run to the kitchen! Very nicely done in a hurry!


Sher, I love how lovely your breads look! It was the best potato bread I've ever had too. Glad to bake with you again this month.


Bread. Potatoes. (goes comatose, with concomitant drool....)

(lovely photos, per usual!)


The bread turned out lovely! We really liked it, too :)


Wow! Look at your detailed concise directions! Nice work, Sher! Your bread looks soooo good. I'm sure I would have eaten the whole loaf in a day. It looks really really really yummy.


Oh wow! Look at all you created from one recipe. They all look smashingly yummy. hehhe...really. Thankfully no fresh tomatoes or you'd be a goner.


I think the cranberries will do just fine, no tomatoes needed or kneaded. Your crumb and crust look perfect. You got an amazing tall loaf!
Umm . . . I'm thinking we need a bread project Sher . . .

Erika of Sweet Pea Blog

Love the story of you in your PJ's rushing off to the store.... this is something I would do!!! Kindred spirits and not just in the kitchen. And well done on pushing the envelope re the potato quantity. As I have never made potato bread I played it safe :)


Both your loaf and your rolls look fabulous, especially with that bit of butter drooling over the roll. Makes me want to go make another batch!



I thought I was the only that went to the market in PJs!!! Sher, I miss your blog. I just don't seem to have the time that I used to read blogs these days. Your bread, as always, is just so beautiful!


Cranberry conserve...oh, yum! This looks fantastic.


Your bread has such a lovely crust! Looking at them makes me hungry.


Great looking bread. Ah, the melting butter on fresh bread...mmm...


oh my god, the crumb in the dinner rolls looks a bit like brioche *drool* I´m with you in the fact that this recipe was great and I´ll definitely be making it again.

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