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November 05, 2007



I so relate to the after dinner voices in the head thing. Wow, you did so well! Good for you! I do well for a while about not eating at night and then I sort of fall off the wagon but congrats on white-knuckling it through. And dinner looks fantastic! Yum.

Hey, love the pic of your hair. It's so pretty. Note to self: make hair appt.


A big advantage of eating late - no late night munchies!
I fixed trout the other day, too - very tasty. Now I must try kale..


The trout looks succulent...bravo!


I absolutely love the combination of fish with some tender greens! Bravo!

Oh yes, and a "hell yeah" on trying to keep things on the level.


Looks delicious, and good for you for sticking with it. I'm doing ok too, at least I am reasonably back in control!

Amy and Jonny

I HEART kale!! I'm in the process of writing a post on my blog about just that - my love of kale. It's super cheap, hearty and delish. I decided to declare my love after I read an article recently about how American's don't eat much of it and many don't even really know much about it! I feel like I'm kale's pimp - I'm starting to push it on everyone. It really is so yummy and a versitile veggie - and good for you. I'm glad I have another kale lover on the blogpages! amy @ neverfull.wordpress.com


Hey there --

I love kale too! I have to recommend my absolute favorite way of eating it:

Kale with Raisins, Walnuts, and Feta:

Blanch kale in boiling water and then chop. Saute a Tbs or two of garlic in some good olive oil. Add the kale and then saute briefly along with a handful of raisins, a handful of toasted walnuts, pinch of salt, lots fresh pepper, and finish with a crumbling of feta cheese. The combination of salty feta, savory kale, sweet raisins, and slightly bitter walnuts is just amazing!


So true, the food minefield! This sounds like a very good meal to offset all the butterfat-ful meals that the holiday season brings. I don't care for curly kale which tastes overly strong to me, but I very much like this kind of kale. I also feel virtuous when I eat kale because it's so full of vitamins and phytonutrients.


Lately I've been eating a lot of grilled salmon with spinach, a similar combination to this recipe. I always feel healthier when I eat dark leafy greens.


Sher, I know what you are talking about! I snacked up a lot of sweets during the Eid here with my friends, and now Xmas with all the parties are coming....!

Your fish dish looks very delicious, Sher!


Maybe it is simple, but it is also very appetizing and delicious!

Yes, you are right, that's the most "dangerous" period of the year! There are too many tempting things to eat...




Kale is definitely my go-to virtue raising food. I think there must be some formula like 2 cups of uncooked kale cancels out 1 square of sticky toffee pudding.


I love kale too. I also love fish over broccoli rabe or bok choy. Pics are lucsious as usual.


YES tomatoes alongside would be perfect; but I am biased when it comes to tomatoes. I am jazzed I ran across this recipe, Sher, since I just bought a huge bag of kale!!!

AND I share your white knuckle experience: lets hold on! Just say no:)!


It is a dangerous time...and I love it!


Dieting is so hard to stick to. I commiserate with you Sher. Your choice of foods is great and that salmon looks fabulous! Good luck!



Thank you for your confidence in my ability to white knuckle it--but, sometimes my grip slips!!!


Do try the kale, it's tasty--and very good for you!


Thank you!!!


I think maintaining control is a day to day thing!!! Well, for me it is. :)


That is a fabulous way to fix kale!!! I will try it for sure. I love all of those flavors.


I so agree with you! Greens and fish are perfect together.

Amy and Jonny,

I feel the same way about kale. It one of the best veggies around.


I also prefer this type of kale to the curly type. And let's not forget that pretty "ornamental" kale. It's beatiful--and edible.


Spinach tastes great with fish, one of my favorite greens.


Yes, I ate too many goodies last month--and now I'm paying for it. :)


Yes, this is a wonderful--and scary time of the year. So many great things to eat....so many pounds to gain!!!!!


OH!! If that could only be true, that eating kale destroys the calories in the high calorie foods!


I also love fish served with rabe--and other green veggies. They seem made for each other.


Let's give a cheer for a big bag of kale!!! I had some leftover cooked kale yesterday scrambled with eggs. Wonderful.


I admit, I love the scary holiday food too!!!


It's such a battle--like being at war with your body!!!


Oh yeah...add working overtime to the mix. We have been eating out like 3x a week lately. It's SO bad. I need to get my butt back on track, I REALLY need to.

If I could handle the greens I would try it, but I HATE greens. More salads is what I need though!


I need to start myself and the husband on one of these diets from next week. We should keep a tab on each other

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