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October 06, 2007



Just perfect! This bread sounds like a clear winner! I am gonna make it for sure.


Seriously, that bread looks amazing. What a perfect idea for tomato sandwiches!


Wow! I just love the sound of this. And I can imagine it would be wonderful for a tomato sandwich! I am hoping I might get a few more of my tomatoes to ripen, since it's supposed to warm up a lot here next week, but I might have eaten my last tomato sandwich of the year, sigh.


Forgot to say, thanks for mentioning the anniversary. I think it's going to be fun! People have the rest of today to enter the contest to predict what the favorite herb and favorite vegetable will be.


That looks like an interesting bread...very healthy too!


That is a lot of spinach - but I have to give it a try... The thought of it fresh from the oven slathered in butter - with maybe a bit of chevre.... I think it will qualify as a DO... Gotta run!


That looks good and spinach and feta sounds really nice.

mosaic cats

OK, aside from the fact that I don't make bread and I shouldn't eat yeast (cuz lord knows I feed my candida well enough with my wine consumption), have I proposed to you yet this week, Sher? I can not believe you did a photo of this stuff with melted butter in progress.

HOWEVER, I think I may have something to contribute here...I was literally just planning a menu in my mini-mind for dinner tomorrow night. Some friends with a P/T home here are coming to town and I get to shop for them and they will have me over for dinner, so I get to buy whatever I want for us to eat. I am seriously considering my favorite food from the local health food store...ground turkey burgers which their man will have to grill. But Sher, the burgers I love the BEST have spinach and feta in them! (The runners up have blue cheese and kalamata olives in them. As much as I would think those would rock my world, they always lose out to the spinach feta. Some things are not meant for our mortal minds to grok.)

Sher, I challenge you to get some ground turkey and put some chopped spinach and feta in it, and then grill it. And then put a pretty photo of it still steaming on your blog and credit me. (Over angel hair pasta with pesto, corn and peas, if it's not too much trouble?)
K Bai


I just love the saltyness in feta!
I still use ground nutmeg (in jar)... is the flavor from freshly grated better?


hoooooray, a tomato sandwich!! so perfect from your kitchen on some of that beautiful homemade bread you make. shangri-la


The bread looks so good. I think my kids might even devour it!


I am not very experienced with yeast breads but after seeing that piece all buttered up and ready to eat, I may have to start experimenting! It sounds terrific with the tomatoes.


That looks so good...


That looks utterly delicious and perfect! Will be making it this week for sure!


This bread looks absolutely gorgeous! I am drooling over your yummy pictures ;-P! I'm going to keep that wonderful recipe...




Wow! Wow!! I want to eat this *now*! The pic of the loaf is awesome!

So excited about the big WHB event :)


Sher, that first photo had me with a WOW and dropped jaw! That is beautiful. I such a spinach lover! Love this.
Yes, Gattina fresh nutmeg is much, much, totally better than the jar!


Yum Yum Yum Yum! I want! I second Mosaic's request -- but I think if you're going to make a turkey/spinach/feta burger, then it should be a BURGER! Angel hairs great,...but,..! And peas and corn? Ewww and ewww!!! Mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, peppers,....mmmm. Check us out - like we're ordering at a restaurant!! Nevermind. I'm trying to fit my jaws through the cable wires to take a bite of your sandwich!


Wow, Sher...this is beautiful bread...great job! And the spinach adds such wonderful color, not to mention nutrients...I am so trying this! :-)


Beautiful Bread..sher. I am awed by how you guys make such wonderful breads. I am even afraid to try my hand at one


Whoa, this bread looks and sounds awesome! I must try this!


That looks truly divine. I'm sure it smelled incredible while baking!

Susan from Food Blogga

This bread looks scrumptious, Sher. I think spinach and nutmeg are a marriage made in heaven. In fact, I just made a spinach pie with nutmeg in it! I'll be trying your bread soon too. Thanks!


I'm seriously hoping you made croutons out of the leftovers!


It looks so good! A mediterranean bread I'll sure try!!


Oh my! This bread is absolutely fantastic! A tomato sandwich with it and I am in heaven!

Farmgirl Susan

I love the looks and sound of this bread--and I love spinach & feta. Can't wait to try it. I bet it would make a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich. Thanks, Sher! : )

Roy Dankman

I would appreciate a clarification of the amount of yeast in the recipe.

2 1/2 Tsp active dry yeast weighs 7.1 grams according to published information on comparing freash yeast to active dry to instant.

Which is the correct amount for this recipe -

2 1/2 Tsp or 18 grams of active dry yeast.

Thank you.


wow...I am a spinach fanatic and this bread looks absolutely delicious. thank you for the inspiration!

candida albicans


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