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October 23, 2007



This looks delicious!!!


I like red - I like this soup. Time to go to the spice shop to find cumin...
Tomatillos are darling; but those I know I won't find... Time to check my substitution bible...


Ummm...very odd indeed. I would think red would cancel green from that ingredient list. Maybe they didn't use the red tomatoes or maybe they used PhotoShop.
Anyway, yours looks lovely, I'll have a bowl and lots of chips please!


Food and Wine's green picture? I have no idea. But I love dishes that are really better when they're made ahead. It's nice to have something you can make for the next day's meal.


This stew is just my kind of thing! And your photo of the tomatillos is beautiful.


That looks really good and sounds tasty. I just discovered tomatillos recently and enjoyed them in a chili verde.


Delicious!!!!!!! I too love the photo of tomatillos. They are rare in Australia (wonder why) so I can't try your recipe as yet. But I am VERY keen!


Very delicious. I love tomatillos. Very funny about the photo colors being different. I wonder if they made it differently than the recipe they posted, not realizing it!


This looks very warming as it's c-c-c-cold tonight...may I have seconds?

Gretchen Noelle

This looks and sounds delicious.


Sher, a mystery indeed. I also thought usually when using tomatillos, one naturally used less tomatoes, but what do I know? My girlfriend planted some and they were tiny about the size of your pinky nail!


Yummm! Tomatillos brighten the flavor in any dish! I've never tried it in a stew though....a lot of the blogs have been posting mexican stews with tomatillas...so I might need to give it a try soon to see for myself how it tastes :)


My God! That is SO my kind of food. Tagging immediately for future reference!


Oh my goodness! This looks sooooo delicious. And I've got tomatillos growing in the greenhouse. Got to make me some of this! Thanks Sher.


Thank you for taking part at the WHB! I've come to love cumin over the last few years, using it quite frequently in our kitchen - a lovely warm spice!


Made this last night, finally! Delicious, and so easy--will definitely be a regular in the house. Thanks for sharing!


i love this spontaneous style of cokiong - it's so me. the fall flavours are so what i am in the mood for.i tried you new mexican baked potatoes as a sunday dinner with the whole extended family - went over very well. i can't say i followed the recipe exactly, as i am prone to improvisation, but thanks for the inspiration, which you continually provide!

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