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October 13, 2007



I was googling for a mushroom soup recipe that included sage and found your blog. I love the recipes! Thank you so much for the instructions, pictures, and recipes - these are so helpful and easy to follow. I also like that a lot of them seem to be vegetarian friendly.


No question that this is perfect for the doubly delish celebration! It sounds like it would taste just amazing. I need to get this cookbook, I know I've said that before. And of course I did not miss the cilantro, the perfect addition to all the other good flavors that are already going on! Thanks for helping make the two year celebration so special!


Oooh, potato fritters would go great with the relish I made this week too, I'll bet! Yum!


OMG! I clicked on your pic & it is simply beautiful!
I like your recipe a lot.:-)

the chocolate lady

Sher, This is so delicious, and you made it especially beautiful. I heartily second your congratulations to kalyn, and to all of us.
kalyn, yes, I think you will be very glad to get this cookbook. I would follow Deborah Madison into a live volcano.


Sher, what a combo! I just love the color and the fritters. After all, who doesn't like potatoes being fried? ;)


The potatoes look perfect - I can almost hear the crunch. And to serve them with a sweet pepper relish...wouldn't have thought; now I do!


Silent awe here, well except for the crunch of that potato crust ;))
Truly Sher, this is double delish for Kalyn's event! As always your photos are knock outs!


The potato cakes look wonderful! I'll have to get that cookbook off my shelf and give these a try.


I was googling fish stock recipes, and guess what? Your recipe on Jan 8, 2007 popped up on the 1st page! Yumm, fish stock!


You make the most colorful and appetizing meals, Sher! These potato fritters with their brilliantly hued pepper relish look incredible...gosh, they sound so good too!


Wow, these look so good!
And I love all the colors.


Cilantro is probably going to be the herb of choice for the WHB anniversary! :)

The Greens cookbook truly rocks - gots to try this recipe now, it looks truly delicious!


The potato fritters look nice and crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. The relish is really colourful.


mmmmmm.... you know, funnily enough, I saw your pic on tastespotting and clicked on it thinking "I haven't had potato fritters in so long I need to correct that." and was pleasantly surprised to see your blog pop up!


Those look like such a nice, lazy day Sunday breakfast, with a softly poached egg on top! Yum.


I don't think I've ever had potato fritters before - but I'm gonna be having them soon!


Potatos are my most favorite food. As soon as I get into the new house I am making these! They look great!


That looks sooooo good, perfect for fall evening with a cup of tea in my opinion


I was looking for ideas for sweet peppers (got a big bunch in my CSA this week) and found your post - YUM! I can't wait to try this!

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