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October 05, 2007



Oh dear Upsie, life is just not fair is it??

Bustopher and Harmon have been banned from chasing the two baby squirrels that have started coming to the yard with their mama. I spotted her in the spring and now she is bringing her darling babies around. They are SO cute! But the cats aren't allowed out when they are in the yard, and it kinda confuses them. You won't want to hear this, but I thank your mom for instilling in me a more passionate understanding of the squirrels. Soon enough, you will have all her attentions back!!


Poor Upsie - I hope the tests go well.

Felix does look sweet and cute even though he is a rodent. Don't worry, we know yr Mummy loves ya too a lot.


Upsie-just remember you mother has enough love for both you AND Felix. Good luck on Monday. I'll say a special prayer that you don't need insulin!


Too funny, Sher! I would kiss a cute squirrel like that, too.


Dear Upsie, unfortunately for you, I totally agree with your mom. This squirrel is extremely sweet and I would also kiss that rodent on the top of his head if I had the opportunity!!!
Anyway, I do hope that you will not need those insulin shots... I hope the test will go well, sweet darling!


Rosa, Fridolin & Maruschka


Keeping our paws crossed over here for you, Upsie!

- Trixie & Colin


Oh Upsie. I just had my glucose tested too recently- luckily I am diabetes-free. I hope the same for you too!


Oh gosh Upsie, we hopes yoo don't gotta get shots. We'll cross our paws for yoo.
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi


I hope all goes well at the vet, and you don't need insulin shots!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

Oh gosh, she kisses it on da head...with her lips!?! She washes dem afore she tries to kiss yoo, right? Hope yoor blood test is okay and yoo don't gotta gets shotted or anything.

Pia K

I think you're both adorable, furry beings, well deserving loads of kisses and hugs, Upsie:) Good luck with your tests!


O, Upsie, i's keeping mine paws crossed u's don't need shots.
can u's play wif that little squirelly fing? wouldn't it be fun to chase 'n catch... oh, i loves ta hunt.
Purrs, KC


got so 'cited finking about chasing an hunting, furgot to tell u's we put u on tha Pet Prayer & Praise bloggie so lots 'n lots of puddins 'n beans will be purr-raying fur u's to be okay. (http://ppandpblog.blogspot.com/)
Purrs, KC

mosaic cats

OH Upsie,
We know you are distressed and in much pain over the vermin kissing issue, but we had to laugh.
Listen...if your mom let the squirrels run loose in YOUR house so they could POOP wherever the urge hit them, willy-nilly, on your TOYS and in YOUR CUBES, then you would...um...we lost our train of thought again. The stank of kitten poop is doing that to us a lot lately.
What was the question?

The Zoo

Poor Upsie, the bad ole VET gonna steal yur blood an not gif it back. Be a gud kitty and maybe he'll rule on yur side no insulin shots.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie

Upsie. Don't worry too much about Felix. We're sure your mother loves you too, at least as much, maybe more than Felix.

Sending hopeful purrrss for your v*t visit. Hope things work out so you don't need shots.

The Cat Realm

I will cross my paws and claws for you so that you don't need those shots!!!
Disgusting, the thing with the squirrel! I HUNT those.... But I guess if he has a name that's then different? I don't think the ones I catch have NAMES...
Good Luck tomorrow!!!



You should EAT that little smart-alecy show-off! Then you wouldn't be starving, and (by default) you would be the beneficiary of Mom's affection. Everybody wins! Well, except the squirrel.


I hope everything goes well at the V.E.T and that he doesn't steal too much blood! Let us know as soon as you know anything. :)

CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

We hope things go well at the v-e-t tomorrow. Thinking good thoughts for you.

And remember, you always have a special place in your home (and on this site, too), even as squirrels come and go...

Samantha & Tigger

Oh Upsie, we hope your vet visit is a good one tomorrow. We will purr for a good report!!
Your FL furiends,


My little Alice had diabetes for 4 years and required insulin shots twice a day. She did just fine, but it does make life a little more fraught. Hope all turns out well.


Oh, that Upsie is so funny! I hadn't thought of it as kissing rodents!!!

China Cat & Willow are sending purrs over for Upsie having to go to the v-e-t. Hope all goes well.

Joy T.

Oh. My. If looks could kill LOL A little peck on the head is nothing Upsie. Really. You have a bigger head which means you get the bigger kisses. Ok it's late and I have nothing better. But you're adorable and Felix is absolutely adorable as well. His little whiskers look bigger then HE is LOL


Oh poor Darling Sweetie Upsie!
we all hope you don't haf to get insulin shots. They are nasty! But if they help you to be healthier maybe they are not as nasty tho...

we're keeping paws crossed!
Purrrs, Kashim & Othello


oh man, that Flix looks very very delish...um, I mean, well, um, cute, yeah, cute. bummer you have to share attention with a RODENT. Maybe your mommy isn't kissin him, maybe she is tasting him for doneness...
i hope you don't have to get icky shots. i'll be crossing my paws and sending you good thoughts. keep us posted!


Upsie, your mom will surely come to here senses shortly and Felix will be gone then.
Hope the tests go well. But even if you need the shots, you'll probably feel so much better, it'll get to be old hat soon.


Awww...poor Upsie! Just remember that although the squirrels are cute (you have to admit they ARE!), your Mom surely loves you the very most! :-)

And really, Sher...that is one gorgeous cat!!


Poor Upsie! Mommy has Diabetes too and it isn't a lot of fun!


One of our cats developed diabetes, and we've been giving him two shots a day for quite a while now. Turns out it isn't hard, and he doesn't seem to feel them at all. And he really does feel much better.

If anyone had ever told me I'd be buying insulin and giving my diabetic cat shots, I'd have told him he was crazy.

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