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October 13, 2007



Rufus and I are sorry to hear you have to have insulin shots, Upsie, but we used to have a cat, Brunnhilde, who had insulin shots twice a day for 4 or 5 years and she did really well. All the best to both of you getting used to this new routine.

Here's our entry to WCB and thanks so much for hosting this week:


Here's Meowza's entry http://imeowza.com/2007/10/13/caturday/ and here's mine http://mindofmog.net/archives/2007/10/13/caturday-4/ better late than never. Thanks for hosting, looking great. You did a wonderful job even with having to take those shots.


Oh Upsie! I so hoped it wouldn't come to this for you. Good luck tomorrow. I feel your pain. I'm no stranger to needles myself. Think happy thoughts, and hopefully it will all be over soon.


Be a brave kitty cat, Upsie...your Mom loves you way too much to do anything that wouldn't be best for you.

Bonnie from Virginia

Dear Upsie,
Your mom loves you so much. That's why she is going to give you medicine to make you feel better. That's why she spends so much time with you and so much money on supplies. All of us are praying for your health.

Megan & Bad Kitty Cats

Oh Upsie we are just catching up with everything and we are so sorry to hear you have to have this, but we would rather you have a sticky needle than to not be here! Sending great big scritches and purrs and loves to you. And yes it stinks we kitty cats can not get on our human medical insurance. Hmmmm... a protest is in order. And for the IRS... we should be a deduction too like the human kids. What travesty! Sending LOVE

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