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October 13, 2007



Poor Upsie! They don't look like good presents to me either! I think somebody owes you a trip to Long John Silver's!

We see on the WCB schedule that our fave Californians are hosting this weekend and we have a special request. The former Scamperdude blog has moved in with our local SCPA, so now we're a much BIGGER dysfunctional family! Since most of our feline audience came from WCB, some of you are probably wondering where the heck we went to. Our new house (which looks nothing like our old house) is at: http://caspca.blogspot.com - PLEASE BOOKMARK OUR NEW ADDRESS! Our old address, scamperdude.blogspot.com, is now occupied by Assisted Living spammers - bleck! : ((

I just finished a brand sparkly new website for our local SPCA (www.caspca.org), which we hope you'll take a tour of, and our former blog is now under our new local SPCA website's "roof." Aside from looking different, it’s the same as it always was, except that we now must be good neighbors and welcome our canine friends to the blog too (although none have shown up yet).

Keep your chin up Upsie! We're thinking about you in Virginia. :)


i feel your pain.....i foster for our shelter and right now i have a diabetic cat that needs 3 shots a day.


Upsie, I'm so sorry to hear you need to have insulin shots. :( I will be purring and praying for you.

Here's my entry for WCB:
Thanks for hosting this week.


Thank-you for hosting this week - I hope everything goes OK when you take your shots!
Here is my entry -



Oh my goodness, Poor Upsie! Sharp pointy things are never good!!

Poor Bustopher was discovered to have a tick on him this past week (yuk...it had been there a while and I am STILL upset about not having found it earlier!!) and had to undergo quite an extensive meddling as we worked to remove it. He lay very still and quiet as we did though; he seemed to know we were helping him get rid of that awful thing.

For some 'helpful' cat photos, come check out Harmon and Bustopher.



Oh my, so sorry to hear it. Upsie is not going to be happy about this!

Pia K

Oh I'm sorry to hear about the insulin treatment - I have a friend who's cat had to take that for years, but he coped very well and lived to an ripe old age, as I'm sure you will too!

Thanks for hosting and here's our chocolaty entry this weekend

CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

Upsie, sorry you have to take your meds, and all the needs. Hope they help with your health. We hope you feel better soon.

Our link this weekend is here:

Thanks for hosting, and always great to hear from you and sher :)


Oh Sweet Upsie, be a brave girl and take your medicine! Sher - I hope you're not exhausting yourself TOO much! Squirrels are so lucky to have you for a caretaker!
Here's Kamikaze and Dog: http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2007/10/wcb-one-two-three-kamikaze-and-dog.html
Thank you for hosting!!


Poor darling Upsie, we feel the pain and wish you a speedy recovery. Here's our post on cats in the sink:


Anya & Ambit

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the need for insulin! It should help you to live a long and happy life though! :)

Here's our entry to WCB this weekend:


(apologies if this posts twice but my browser is being very ornery today!)


Upsie, so sorry you've joined the insulin resistant family. Hang in there with the shots!


Here's my link for this week! Hope things go well for the two of you, with the needles and the poking and all that. :(



Stasia wants to wish Upsie well. Her momma takes insulin and has had diabetic cats, too. Stasia, being sort of extra-fluffy, is at risk of diabetes herself. She eats weight control food (to keep down the fluffiness) but those snacks are hard to resist!



no i can't believe it upsie, i can't believe what an adorable face you have. KISS!

your shots will be no problem in no time at all and just think of all the sympathy tuna juice and snuggles you'll get :)


Oh, Upsie that's terrible! I hope that you'll get better soon! In the meanwhile, be good to your mom and the Vet as they want you to be as fit as possible and not to suffer...

If you want to know how the "Yodel Monster" woke me up this morning, then here's my link:

Thanks for hosting this week's WCB!

Cheers & all the very best,

Rosa, Fridolin & Maruschka


Upsie, it'll be just a tiny pinprick, then you'll be feeling so much better! Your Mom is a great lady for doing this.

Oh, Sher- send me your address! I finally got the Italian books back.



Oh, Upsie, I'm sorry about the needles (I hate them, myself), but you're lucky to have a Mom who takes such good care of you. I hope your tests on Monday go well.

Here's Sasha, looking quizzical:


I'm sorry upsie, I hope its not all too traumatic. I'm very excited that tina can contribute for the first time with her own handiwork:


Oh dear I'm late again!


I'm just laughing so hard I couldn't get here!


And here I hit enter too fast--I meant to add, laughter is the best medicine. Feel better upsie.


:( Poor kitty!


dear upsie., hope you feel better soon.....

here's our WCB entry....http://verysedap.blogspot.com/2007/10/weekend-cat-blogging-week-of-13th.html

thanks for hosting!


Poor darling Upsie!
Head up high we are shure it will get better soon. Insulin shots are not that bad we know some kitties who have to have thems and adre fine with them now!

we are so sorry that we are late again - momma was not feeling too well since friday so she wasn't able to type for us much this weekend...
anyway... here is our link:

thanks for hosting and gentle headbutts to you and sher!
purrrs, Kashim & Othello

Samantha & Tigger

We hope the insulin helps you feel better Upsie! We are late, too. Company from out of town keeps Mom busy. So Here is ours...


Voici mon lien avec un peu de retard :
Bises et bonne soirée

nuage de lait
nuage de lait

dommage , c'est trop tard pour poster la mienne????


Dear Upsie in order to practise your french you will find us Mysri and Coca the white, our mum trie to speak both lenguages !! http://cafecreole.blogspot.com/2007/10/cat-blogging-123.html


Poor Upsie!!! I'm so sorry! But it'll help you! Ugh...I hate when my daughter has to get shots, so I can understand how your mom must feel!

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