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October 26, 2007



Upsie, you're always so fluffy and fabulous. How come your paw looks so white? Was it shaved? You fluffy little junkie!
Where does Sydney live? In the house with you and the squirrels? I think your mom's hair colour is gorgeous! I love it!
Sher, thank you for the comments. I really appreciate it, and wish we were neighbours as well.


How do you do that Upsie! How can you make yourself look like three cats all puffed up!
Love that hair and photo!!


It's the spider I think is scary!


Cool hair!

And I hope things go well with the insulin dosage. After some adjusting we've been on a good roll with Georgie's shots. He's not, you know, his OLD self, but I think he feels pretty good. I'll hold a good thought for Upsie.


What a fraidy cat! That's cool hair!
Now it you want to see something really scary.....


love the hair!


I love your hair! I realized when I saw it that I didn't know what color it was before!


Finally, our first photo of you, sort of! I LOVE your hair color and also love your bangs! My bangs have been really bugging me lately--I wish they lay as nicely as yours do.


Love the hair!!
Upsie we are glad to hear that you are doing well with the insulin shots and that they don't hurt at all. That's really good news!
We hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Purrrs and cuddles, Kashim & Othello and momma astrid


Pretty Upsie, I'm ever so happy to hear that your insulin shots are not painful at all! I hope you'll getter better soon...
Ugh, that spider's predatory ways send shivers down my spine!
I love your Mom's hair! Very autumn-like!




I love your hair color Sher! And that spider is positively wonderful!!

Joy T.

It's been awhile since I've visited and I see you're still looking your very robust self Upsie. Sorry to hear about the insulin but if it makes you better then it's worth it. LOVE your mom's hair color! She rocks! As for the spider? If you wouldn't mind getting a shoe and smacking it on the head for me, I'd appreciate that. Thanks :o)


Upsie, your mom's new color is fab!!! I'll do the same one for my own!


That moth is fantastic! I know what you mean about folks complaining about what you eat. I have cause to complain though: this has been a particularly gross year at my house. OH: I love that hair color!!


Upsie, a costume would only cover up your fabulous fur, so I say, go au natural.

And Sher, I love the bangs!


Upsie..sorry about your medication regime and hope you get better real soon. I think you look fabulous dahling.


You have never looked more beautiful.
Shots or not shots you are glorious!
Rudy, Cassie and Lianne


Sher! Very cool hair color! :-) Upsie looks as sassy as ever, and the spider...well, I suppose spiders will be spiders! *shudder*


hey there, sassy lassie -- you are looking frisky as ever!

but your mom -- vavavaVOOM!

way to go, sher.


Mom's new hair color is fantastic! ;)
I love your WCB postsSher


upsie your hilarious, going as a junkie for Halloween! hahahah! i love your moms new hair color, she's so nicely coiffed. we are more like wildebeests over here so be thankful.


Upsie you look great! I'm glad the shots aren't so bad.
(Like the human's hair too!)


We like it...looks prettyyyy


Love the new color (of course, I never saw the old color). Looks great!


LOVE the hair! What an awesome colour.

Upsie, best be careful, lest you end up looking like that, too!

Awesome hair!

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