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October 11, 2007



You are like me! Sometimes I end up grocery shopping not planned, and I have no clue what to buy for the recipes I've marked for the week...sigh


Why is it mushrooms are so quiet? Cheetos don't yell at me but chips do! Looks plenty good with the goat cheese and arugula!


Hey, those Cheetos jumped into my cart earlier this week -- I've been ignoring them lately but this week they were just too loud.

As for this pasta .. it looks wonderful .. even without the mushrooms. Perfect for a quick dinner.


Sher, I can really eat this right now! And what a beauty when it is quick to make!


Who needs mushrooms or parsley? You have two of my very favorite ingredients here!


hahaha for shame! you crack me up so bad. it looks delicious anyhoo.


I can go crazy with arugula, so even this version without mushroom or garlic, fine with me.
One time while I was preparing some sauce, so put a dish of (cooked) pasta which already tossed with cheese on the table, my husband couldn't wait and eat it, he said it's soooo good even just like that! Yes, low fat too (no matter what sauce it still carries some extra calories...).
Sher, you made me (certainly plus my husband) cry for this pasta today!!!


I couldn't agree more and ....we had something similar last night. So great minds...and all that.

Thanks for sharing this with Presto Pasta Night.


I really love this combination. It looks so fresh and delicious.


See..I always think if you make pasta ya gotta have the sauce and all the other junk. I am dead wrong. Great pics, as usual.


I love pasta with goat cheese. Wonder how it would have been with the Cheetos? A nice crunchy topping....


Yum, yum, yum. To echo Melly above - lovely photos, as always!


Every now and then I go to the store, realize I've forgotten my shopping list, buy things willy-nilly -- and then get home and realize I actually had the list in my bag all along, and I ended up getting most of what was on the original list. Go figure.


Mmmmmm...you had me at "goat cheese"


How funny about the Cheetos yelling and the little mushrooms being quiet, Sher! Isn't that the truth?! Gosh, this looks so good...simple can often be the best, that's for certain. :-)

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