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October 18, 2007


Patricia Scarpin

Oh, sweetie, I would have eaten that bread in a maniac way, too - it looked so good!

This soup is delicious and I'm sure it was good for you!

Patricia Scarpin

Oh, sweetie, I would have eaten that bread in a maniac way, too - it looked so good!

This soup is delicious and I'm sure it was good for you!


We did have fun with that one didn't we. Give me a day or two and maybe I'll have another temptation for you . . .
(you will bake bread again . . . you will bake corn bread again . . . soon) ;) :)


No way I have the self-control to make that corn bread! But this soup, yes, I love throwing together soups like this. It's often a way to get a lot of spinach into a meal, as I'll toss in handfuls of it.


A wonderful soup...just have a grilled cheese sandwich on the side and you're set.


The bread sounds divine and the soup, even better. I wonder if eating soup WITH the bread cancels out the calories.

Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.


What a wonderful sounding soup!! I would be tempted to make more bread and eat it with the soup!


Your soup looks lovely, low-cal, delicious... but, can't you hear it's cry? It needs bread, wait...corn bread, toasted, slathered in butter. That's exactly what it needs, trust me!


Ha ha too funny! That soup does look delicious, but it is hard not to fantasize about having it with a grilled cornbread sandwich. I think you show admirable restraint!


Comfort food indeed! I would love a bowl immediately, too!


This looks delicious. I think some of that corn bread would go quite well with it, don't you? ;)


Your soup looks so fresh and lovely. I think my son would even try it - he can do chicken noodle; but of course, I have to omit the green things (poison!)

I have the Artisan Bread cookbook too, but haven't tried the cornbread, even though it's always caught my eye.

I'd love to visit the bakery next time I'm in Boston!


You are too funny, Sher. I would have done the same thing given the same loaf of delicious bread that both you and Tanna made. As it is, I ate the bread that I made for 5 days straight, much to the dismay of both my stomach and my scale! We're all in good company. Plus, your soup looks divine!


You've got me dying to make that bread now!!


Now that is my kind of soup. It looks wonderful.


toad in the hole, tomato sandwiches, will you marry me? sweet sweet heaven on earth. yeah the sop looks good too. your the shizz plain and simple.


Okay..I gained 3 lbs just reading your post. My DH made cornbread this morning..with chipped beef and a poached egg on top. Tomorrow night I'll make a roast chicken with cornbread stuffing.

Damn you and your great recipes!! :)

mosaic cats

You've set the carbaholic wheels in motion.
Time to make those ground turkey/feta/spinach burgers. Follow them up with ground turkey/kalamata olives/blue cheese burgers, if you like.
Pair them with low glycemic roasted veggies and some sort of herby/garlicy/mayo spread thing. Or do what I do and just throw them over a bag of organic lettuces with a good dressing, tomatoes, and some decent feta or goat cheese crumbles.
You'll drop those carb pounds in two days.
Let me know when you decide to do that Low Carb blog I dream you'll one day do.


Hee hee! I'm a habitual and frequent abuser of freshly baked breads, too! This soup looks like a good way of clearing the palate.


This is one of the most beautiful pasta dishes I've seen. So dainty and pretty!


What a great soup! Perfect for cold swason!


...I meant season!

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