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October 30, 2007



That's so funny - I would have been so excited to get a Snickers when I was a kid. Does that mean I'm old?


Wow have you opened my (real)eyes, there aren't very many trick or treaters here. I had no idea that now I am in the old person candy category. Is it possible for Snickers to be passe??? I like filling my dates with peanut or almond butter...


I can't imagine that a kid complains when handed such treats! As a child, I certainly would have been happy to get Snicker bars or Milky Ways...

Happy Halloween!




hahah, i guess its all relative back when when we trick or treated geting smarties were the worste and snickers was way up there in the ratings.

ooh, i once had a salad with some kind of baked madjool date on top, shewy and sweet it was so good!!

Chef JP

Wonderful post-- Happy Halloween!

the chocolate lady (eve)

I just love the tradition of handing out candy to kids!
of course there is not much overlap between what I am willing to have in my house and what kids want, but this year I found organic chocolates with collectible insect cards. old-people candy, or something we can all enjoy?


Snickers bars are and have always been my favorite halloween candy. Go ahead, call me old, I don't care.
We always had lots and lots of kids at our door until we moved up here - up a long, dark, gravel road. In the country. Not a kid in sight, and still I had a bowl of halloween candy by the door for more years than I care to admit. I finally stopped. Still no kids.
Your Lo Mein and stir-fried greens look so good I just want to poke my chopsticks through the screen and take a bite!


Oh my... When I was young enough to trick-or-treat, I LOVED to get Snickers and Milky Ways. The crappy candy was the cheap stuff like off-brand taffy and pressed sugar shapes. And I am only 22!


Forget the candy - I'll take the dates! I love eating them with a sharp goat's cheese.
Well, maybe, just one snickers....


Those date looks good and so does the Lo Mein.


My husband gobbles up 6-7 dates a day during fasts(in the Ramadan month)....my mom says it creates heat in the body but I can't stop at 2 either!


Just goes to show you one man's . . .
I'll take the trick please.


Oh man I heart those cheap peanut butter kisses!! I can't find them around here anymore. I'm comin' to your house next halloween. :P



Pop Rocks!!!! I haven't seen those in ages.


Kids are so weird. I gave out a ton of candy last night and all they wanted were the circus animal cookies I had as back ups.


I thought I was cool handing out all-chocolate candies this year! When I was little, that house would've been marked out for repeat visits.

eyeballs? jeez....


oh oh oh - this means I am REALLY getting old, am I?
I do love snickers and mars or milky way or even kitkat. well, when I was a child you could not easily get them here in Austria - maybe that's why I still think of them as a special treat (at least for me)

hope you and Upsie are doing fine?


Dates really are a wonderful treat! I have a bag I treat from, too. It's hard to not just stand there and munch on them.


Oh dear. I handed out Snickers, Hershey bars, and Reeses Peanut Butter cups. Perhaps it wasn't the squirrels who destroyed my pumpkins after all. ;)


Mmmm...dates. Those are treats to me too. I know what you mean about the candy. When we were kids it was new and special to get the mini candy bars now it's so "been there". At our house the kids, also, fought over the poprocks, lemonheads, and fireballs.

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