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September 08, 2007



Those meatballs look very flavorful and gorgeously delicious! A great recipe! I like the last picture...


I love it! I would have to sub parsley for the cilantro, of course, hahaha!
But the ginger and sesame oil, yum!!!!


Yum! I love turkey meatballs -- I've been playing around with all sorts of flavoring combinations, so I'll definitely try this one.


You are making me want to make these again with your yummy additions. I bet they were delicious.
I LOVE your tip about microwaving one tiny meatball. That is brilliant!


As Homer Simpson (and Kate) might say



Yes, I saw those on Kristen's and like them then. Yours are beautiful also. I just must get them made!
Fabulous photos here!


These look great. I won't go near veal with a ten foot pole, so I love your substitution of ground turkey. And I agree...ginger, sesame, and soy sauce are always great! :-)


Shhhhhyummy jat eez! I'm trying to think of a way to make them without an oven. I wonder if I could brown them like I normally would for spaghetti meatballs, and then simmer them in, say, some chicken or vegetable broth. Hmmmmmm.


Great photos, everything looks so appetizing!

I agree with Kristen, just brilliant to microwave one meatball and taste it before baking all the other! (Now why didn't I ever think of doing that?)

I love ginger too. And of course, cilantro. I'm not a fan of the way water chestnuts feel on your teeth, but I think I might like them chopped up like this, since I like the flavor.

Butta Buns

I wish I could jump right through the screen and grab a handful! I love how you use ground turkey, I'm definitely trying this one.

BTW, there's another meatball recipe of yours I make regularly. Most of my coworkers have made it too now.


I'm feeling homesick again looking at your meatballs. And I don't even really like meatballs but yours seem to call out to me lol.. nice blog btw! :)


Mmmmm....those make me really hungry!


Sher, these meatballs look amazing! I just have to try it out!


YUM! those look fantastic! i would have had all the ingredients had i not used all my ginger in cold soba noodles last night. i wish i had tht very bowl for breakfast right now :)


This looks very good!! I'm hungry now!


I saw this recipe a while ago and it's bookmarked. I still haven't gotten to half of the recipes I have bookmarked. Someday! This one looks SOOOO yummy though!


Great photos. These sound really tasty. (Bookmarked) I agree, sesame oil and ginger smell good. I like the idea of quickly making one meatball in the microwave to test the seasoning.

Cate O'Malley

Those meatballs are totally making my mouth water.


Yum! I'm in love with meatballs.
Thanks for reminding me.


very interesting.
i'm adding in RSS Reader


This was delicious! I made it tonight and have already passed it on to everyone I know. Thanks!

Josh T

Hi I just made these fantastic meat balls with kangaroo mince. I used it because its great value for money and is super healthy. High in protien, high in iron and low in fat. They went down a treat. I just added a dash of olive oil to the roo mince so that it didnt dry out. :) Happy Cooking Also Kangaroo farming is more sustainable for the Australian environment than cattle.


Delicious! I rushed ahead and accidentally put all of the sauce ingredients right into the meatballs, but they were still good!

Gina's WW Recipes

This looks great, gonna give it a try!


Gorgeous! I'd love to keature these on my site www.canigettherecipe.com with full links and credits leading back to you if you're keen! Please conatact me at [email protected]


Made these scrumptous meatballs....ohhh my loving god, my 7, 9 year old along with my husband where fighting over the last few. would double recipe next time

Lisa Stroh

Love this recipe!
Thank you~


I made this for dinner tonight and Loved It! Even the kids ate it! lol.


Made it tonight but used less salt and added minced garlic to both meatball and sauce. Had to hide some from the bf so I could take some to work the next day for lunch!!! It's soooo delicious!!


I found this in a very roundabout way - looking for recipes to use my thawed ground turkey for dinner. Out of all the recipes I looked at, this one wins. Can't wait to try it - yum :-)

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