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September 23, 2007



Yum yum yummy yum yum yum yum!!! Ohhh, makes me so hungry!! Oh, artichokes - I miss you!


Haven't had stuffed artichokes in ages -- and stuffed with shrimp looks so luxurious!


So pretty!

Sher, I featured artichoke for this week WHB, too! Great minds think alike ;)!


Oh my goodness, this looks wonderful. So delicious! Our family used to have artichokes as a treat once in a while and I loved them from the time I was very small (probably because my dad liked them and I liked everything he did!) I've never had stuffed artichokes but I bet they are wonderful. Does the artichoke flavor go into the stuffing?


Wow! Great presentation! Those look like so much fun! I never know what to do with artichokes.

Butta Buns

That's the most artful food presentation I've ever seen! It even looks like each leaf got a generous portion of shrimp too. You're absolutely brilliant!


That looked absolutely delicious. I wish I could reach into the screen and pick a leaf off.


That's gorgeous! You make it look so easy. I often think about stuffing them...but end up just dinking the leaves in butter!
Cheap shrimp - I vaguely remember those days...


What great presentation! I am so impressed...I don't know if I would have the patience to do that!


that looks absolutely FABU--you take Amazing Pictures that are absolutely MOUTHWATERING!!!


Sher, you are genius!!! I love this whole recipe, taste and presentation and all! Artichoke has excellent texture but tastes so dull (to me), your ingredients certainly lead this veg re-alive :)
I have a similar sentiment towards shrimps too... back then in my home country (Hongkong) some shrimps almost cost nothing, and were so abundant that people thought of different ways to get rid of them, so made them dried or into paste preserved in oil, they're poor-people food...


That first photo is stunning. Certainly you've got the presentation down to perfection with this one Sher! We lived in Mobil for several years while I was growing up and I do remember the wonderful the sea food of so many kinds! Loved the crabs and lobsters escaping the pots and the tons of shrimp!


Beyond beautiful, Sher. Gulf shrimp really are the best, but they go for far more than $9/pound where I am, if I can find them at all.


Incredible! What a gorgeous photo, I am now ready for dinner and it's hardly 10 a.m. Nice work.


That's a gorgeous dish, Sher!


Wow - this is very impressive looking!!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

That is beautiful!
I'm sure it was a good as it looks. Here I'd probably pay more for the artichoke than the shrimp.


I echo those above me - beautiful, Sher, just lovely. I don't eat shrimp, but I have had a hankering for stuffed artichokes on and off for a long time now; I've just been too much of a chicken about their preparation to make them. Thank you for the tutorial!



That blows my mind! I've never thought about stuffing an artichoke, and you certainly can't go wrong where shrimpies are involved!!


Simply gorgeous dish but it looks complicated, no?


Sher, this is a terrific looking and sounding dish. And your instructions are so clear, even I can manage this. I'm glad to see that you used parsley. This humble herb seems to be neglected these days and I have a huge bush just waiting to be used. Thanks for the recipe. I wish shrimp was cheaper. It's my favourite seafood.


There is a problem with this dish, I couldn't bear to eat it and sully its beauty. Great pictures.


Gasp! This is beautiful Sher, but I'd hate to be the person sitting near me while eating one of these beauties. I'd be inadvertently slinging petals full of filling... Absolute luxury


Delish! This is just how my mother stuffs her artichokes, albeit with a simpler mix of breadcrumbs, parmigiano and herbs. Yum.


Sher, that looks gorgeous. I wish I lived closer to you... I would have invited myself over ;) I'm hosting JFI:Banana this month, hope you will consider sending an entry!


Mmmmm...artichokes stuffed with shrimp! And look how fancy they look...you did a lovely job putting these together, they are really picture perfect, Sher. :-) I'm certain that I would make a huge mess if I attempted them!


I love stuffed artichokes, and now I must try them with shrimp. Thanks for the idea!



Thank you! I think you should get some artichoke seeds and start planting them. They are very easy to grow--and look at the result!


Thank you! They were so delicious--and very easy to do.


Thank you! Yes, we did think alike! :):) But, you found the prettiest artichokes ever! I wish I had them to stuff.


Thank you! Yes, there was a faint taste of the artichoke in the stuffing, which was very moist, but fluffy. And I didn't need to dunk the leaves in butter. :)


Thank you! Have you ever tried the little, baby artichokes? They are so easy to fix--either baked or braised. No cleaning required!

Butta Buns,

Thank you! Oh, I'm blushing. If you ever make these, you will see how easy it is. It looks like I was so talented--but honestly the artichoke makes it easy to be artful! But, thanks!


Thank you! I wish I could share it with everyone! Wouldn't that be fun?


Thank you! Well, they taste great dipped in butter too! And it's easier. Love the little ones too!


Thank you! I wasn't very patient, I must say. I just jammed the stuffing into the leaves--and they did most of the work!


Oh thank you! I'm glad you liked it!


Thank you! I wish the days of cheap (and good quality) shrimp were with us like the olden days. :):) We ate a lot of shrimp and crab--and it was cheaper than meat back then.


Thank you! I lived in Mobile after I was married. My grandmother caught her own crabs--using chicken wings. Then she would deal with them as they tried to pinch her. :)


Thanks! I don't think the shrimp I used were from the Gulf Coast, actually. They are wonderful. My uncle had his own shrimp boat--as a hobby! Those were the days.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)


Thank you! I thought it was pretty nice myself. :)


Thank you. A nice vegetable can make us look so talented, don't you think? And it really did the work by providing the mold for the stuffing. :)


Thank you! They grow like weeds out here, you might be able to plant them. It's fun to see the artichoke form.


Thank you! Try it without the shrimp. It tastes wonderful made with the rest of the ingredients. And honest--you just shove the stuffing. It's quite simple. :):)


Thank you! Yes--you can always count on shrimp, as far as I'm concerned. :)


Thank you! Yes, it LOOKS complicated, but it's pretty easy, I think. Really!


Thank you! It was pretty easy. And you can make it just with the bread and herbs, leaving out the shrimp. That is a very traditional way to do it and it tastes marvelous.


Thank you! :):) But, the artichoke would want you to eat it! To fulfill it's destiny. It sure changes in appearance as you eat it, though!


Thank you! I often gasp in pleasure when I look at your artwork and read your prose--so I'm glad I made you gasp! :):)


Thank you! Yes, the stuffing without the shrimp is delicious! I love it.


Thank you! I will see if I can take part--I have so many things going on, I keep forgetting events I want to do!!!!! I need to get organized.


Thank you! I did make a big mess! The stuffing was scattered here and there. But, it was like being a kid again--smashing stuff with my fingers. And it did clean up quickly.


Thank you! I hope you try them! You would be amazed how good they are. :)


I am a total artichoke lover yet I've always passed on recipes for stuffed artichoke because they look like too much trouble. But you've made it look very easy here and your stuffing is so much better than any other stuffing I've seen in a recipe for stuffed artichoke. This looks wonderful!


mmmmmm! i love aerticholes so much. this si so creative, just beautiful :)

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