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September 15, 2007



This is truly a marvelous meal! I will try the sauce out, :)


I can see why you liked this - It looks and sounds wonderful! Almonds and sesame oil with fish, perfect!
Now I have to find lemongrass. Wonder if I could grow it here?!


Oh my goodness. Wow oh wow! That does look so super good. But then I'm pretty much a push over with almonds and fish! Yes, I love the photo of the sauce in the pan!


Yum yum yum -- I have lemongrass in my herb garden that is begging to be harvested! (Note to Katie, you can surely grow it -- it loves my garden here in RI.) And I love swordfish. Will definitely try this recipe.


Everything about it sounds wonderful. In fact I saved the recipe to del.icio.us even before I left you a comment. Now I must remember to think of growing lemongrass next year since Lydia says she can grow it in RI! I can find it here sometimes, but only at places like Wild Oats.


By the way, I'm laughing at that "who knows what Kalyn has in store?" I don't even know myself, although I have some ideas and I'll be narrowing it down soon!


Gosh I really need to get my hands on a Cindy Pawcyln cookbook, everything you ever introduce us to by her is marvelous and simple. I never woulda thought of amandine with the asian flair.


Wow, Sher...this looks amazing! Oh, I could seriously eat every bit of that right this minute! :-)


Looks great! I agree I think every grocery store needs to have lemongrass. thanks for joining WHB.


Sher, you always have good pick on recipes! This one is totally divine!!! Especially I'm heavily addicted to lemongrass and shallot.


This looks spectacular, Sher! What a symphony of ingredients.
I tried growing lemongrass last year and it died. Now that I have a greenhouse I bet it will do better.


That looks really good! It is a perfect excuse to try swordfish. Though I will have to see if I can find any lemongrass..


i've said it before and i'll say it again, every single time you make a Cindy Pawlcyn recipe it gets me right where it counts! wow, thats a beautiful picture. of all thing my husband doesn't like swordfish, i can't comprehend it... i might have to make this one for myself.


Good heavens that looks delicious! That's the sort of picture that instantly makes me hungry. Reading the ingredients makes me even more so.

Now that you've said all those good things about Cindy Pawlcyn I'm thinking I have to get one of her books.



All of your dishes are oh so fabulous.
And it gets even better by knowing that they are simple and easy to make.3


Butta Buns

I think I may be brave enough now to give swordfish a try now. Thank you for putting the helpful little tips on how to cook it properly.


Holy Sh** That looks good! Great job, Sher!


OK, this dish looks too succulent for words. What a wonderful thing swordfish can be!


Wow! This looks incredibly appetizing! Definitely going on my seafood list for next week.


This recipe is delicious. We made it wish halibut and it was great.

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