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September 18, 2007



What a lovely idea this was!
And a great use of leftovers!


so pretty, i wish i had them for the FINALLY tonight!




Beautiful idea! The tartlets look very colorful and artistic!


Truly lovely!


Those look delicious (even without the fancy fluted tartlet pans!)


They look delicious. What makes Greek yogurt different from other yogurts?


Isn't that the truth. I never throw mine out. I have all these little balls of dough in the freezer and my husband always asks if he can throw them out...the nerve!
A much healthier tart than what it originally was made for!


Yummy-looking AND so pretty. I think these are practically a diet food!

Butta Buns

How clever! I bet it went really well with the rich yogurt.


Aww, woogy! They're so cute! I want one. Now.


What a clever use for your delectable leftover pastry! These little tarts are so beautiful and colorful, you did a super job putting them together, I just love them!


What a smart way to use leftovers! And they look so delicious too!


Gorgeous! What a great way to use those leftovers!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Greek yogurt is my favorite~ not to sweet. I bet it is perfect and I would have never thought to use it for tiny tarts.


Ahh greek yogurt a definite indulgence! I like the freeform appearance of this jovial tart...


I particularly like you shaped the crust, very country-style, no fuss!


Wow! Perfect use for the dough. Aren't you glad you saved it for a rainy day. No way would you want to make up a batch just for a couple of servings but this way it's easy and beautiful. Would love to have one right now.


Those look good. Nice and simple and yet tasty with great looking fresh fruit.


I never would if I thought I'd end up with something like that! Very pretty and I like the idea of using yogurt in place of pastry cream.


Awwww! They're so cute! And obviously healthy. Perfect for a nice lunch...and then you could still have dessert!


They're cute! I love that you just made enough to eat NOW. And the yogurt is a wonderful idea. The Greek yogurt is so yummy.


So very cute and just making two is definitely better.


ooo..these look wonderful! wow! :)


Aren't you the clever baker?! These look sinfully rich and delicious and I want some right now. :)


Those look fabulous! Yummy!

Natural Leap

What a great idea:-)) I am just doing up my Thanksgiving Pumpkin pies and I know what I am going to do with all those scraps....Di

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