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September 21, 2007



Upsie - your paws are HUGE! Kamikaze loves his namesake! He is a big'un! Thank you for the birthday wishes ma Sher(ie)!


Upsie, you're attitude always makes my day! :-)


Poor Upsie! Your mom's being "nasty" with you ;-P!!! I can see that you are angry now. You are a cat of character and you should not accept this situation, he,he...

Those squirrels are just too cute with their smiling faces! I'd love to cuddle them.

Have a good Sunday!




Those squirrels always melt my heart.


Very cute post! haha

Joy T.

I don't know Upsie, I think mom's right on this one. Kamikaze and Taboo look like they'd maybe be able to take you. I'm just saying. As for the little Fox squirrels? I think you could take all five of them. But don't because they're so stinkin cute!


upsie, you look particularly fetching and regal this weekend, prob 'cause your mom is so busy and you have to be in charge!

and oh gosh, kamikaze and taboo appear to be honing their break out skills. anyday, kids, and you'll be big enough to forage for your own pine nuts, and sher can keep hers for teh wonderful pasta dishes she's so good at creating. it seems like just yesterday you were "wee bairns."

why here you are back then, taboo:

and the little fox squirrels are very precious. when you grow up and go back to live with your friends in the woods, be sure and tell them to keep a close eye on their babies. sher is getting tired of looking after them.

but in the meantime, guys, pay no attention to kamikaze and taboo -- they can only teach you bad things that will get you in trouble!

hugs and tickles for all you cuties!


That's too bad that you're stuck on only one side of your yard, Upsie. After all, it is "your" yard! As fast as time goes by, pretty soon you'll have your yard back! But those squirrels really are cute!


As usual, it's difficult to bear the cuteness of these squirrels, and of Upsie. I shall soldier on, though, and bear it.


Upsie looks very regal in that photo...such a beautiful fellow. :-) And those squirrels are too cute...I love them!

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