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September 11, 2007


mosaic cats

I can MAKE this while low carbing!
YUM. I like ground turkey a lot, too.
Can I persuade you to make a low carb blog, Sher? Just adapt wonderfully creative and simple recipes and then post them for me so I don't have to think. Once a week? Pleeeeaaaassssssseeeeeee........


Oh Sher, this post is so interesting to read! And the recipe for Joe's Special is new to me, too!


With the turkey, this sounds delicious -- something that's easy to make, satisfying, low carb....


wow, this does sound good--and I have one of those large of spinach in my fridge, too! Hmmm, maybe dinner tonight!


Bad, bad Taboo. Doesn't he realize how good he has it?


i've never herd of or had a joes special but it looks perfectly comforting and delicious. little taboo sounds like quite the spitfire over there!!


This sounds so good! I've never had a Joe's Special before, but I want one now!


LOL...I am just picturing you squirrel chasing.

Butta Buns

I can imagine that squirell chasing burns an immense amount of calories. This dish looks fantastic and I'm so happy to find another dish that doesn't require cholesterol inducing red meat!


I like Joe's Special too, a diner must and a squirrel corraler absolute.


I had never heard of Joe's Special before. It sounds good.


hmmm, i once knew a taboo -- cute sweet kitty -- but a little devil always trying to escape out an open door to the unsafe, outside world around our house.

we actually couldn't enter the house without noisily shaking our house keys furiously, which occasionally caused her to retreat just enough for us to slip quickly inside and slam the door, before an otherwise inevitable romp around the yard, open can of tuna in hand and faking sweetly calling her name!

it makes me wonder if your little taboo inherited that same spirit of adventure. that ability to escape should serve her well in the big wide world she'll one day soon inhabit.

So, sorry, dear sher - i know it'll make your job harder, but i say to l'il taboo: you go, guirrel! [groan, nutty squirrel pun.]


ps: i, too, love the lo-carb recipe.


Wah - I wanted to see photographic evidence of The Big Chase! Can't you just let her escape again so my need to see some chaotic hilarity can be met? Surely you would do that for me.


Having spent half an hour recently in the basement of the vet clinic where I've been working trying to catch a feral kitten, I completely empathize. It's amazing how hard it can be to catch such an itty bitty thing.


Having had experience chasing a squirrel I'd say you did well to crave Joe's Special and not Peabody's Peanut Butter Cake!


I'm trying to remember where I saw a recipe for Joe's Special. I clipped one, or saw it in one of my books and have intended to make it for a long time now. It looks comforting and yummy; glad you reminded me!


Mmmmm....looks wonderful!


Hey this is a very nice recipe, never had spinach with chicken, would make my life easy


That sounds like a very satisfying meal and squirrel chasing sounds like a very tiring way to spend your time. Those squirrels certainly keep you on the go. And I still wonder how you're getting any sleep what with the all night feedings and all!

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