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September 01, 2007



Beautiful salad! I love the little green zebra cherry tomatoes, too -- not sure I've ever seen those before.


summer in a bowl. just beautiful... i mean really.


The salad is just gorgeous. I love the look of those little cherry tomatoes with all the different kinds too. In fact, everything about this salad looks good to me!


Vivid, absolute vivid goodness.
That looks stunning!


Oh this is so beautiful! I love everything in this tasty salad!


Wow! That looks delicious!


Gorgeous!!! It looks so bright and fresh I feel healthier just looking at the pic.


Hey I just made a riff on this with wax beans and corn in addition and minus the edamame/chickpea/flageolets...Delish!


Beautiful salad! I love beans in any and all forms and those tomatoes are, indeed, little pearls. If you have any left let me know, I'll send my address... I think DSL could get here overnight...


I don't do beans.

However, my mouth is watering..

Perhaps Sher has her magics' working...


Simply stunning! Such vibrant colours. Sounds delicious too!


Simply stunning! Such vibrant colours. Sounds delicious too!


So colorful and beautiful! I love that.


Wow, this looks gorgeous.

Patricia Scarpin

I love your salad, Sher - tomatoes are such a favorite of mine!
And that dressing seems to work with other salads, too.


That looks fabulous!

Sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

That looks perfect! It is a good way to introduce some veggies... I'll be giving it a try.


mmmm sher that looks delicious! that carton of tomatos alone, ooh lala!


Oh my goodness...just look at that variety of tomatoes! They are so cute. Sher, you defintely win the award for the most beautiful, colorful salads ever. :-)


Love the looks of that salad!


That is thoroughly beautiful. And of course it looks delicious! Fantastic.

Susan from Food Blogga

Oh, pretty, pretty! I love the addition of edamame, which I have a surplus of right now!

Amy Buisman


I currently go to Alfred University and I am a graphic design student. I have a senior show (BFA thesis Exhibition) at the end of the early and I am creating a restaurant with menus and a cookbook. I found some great images on your website. I would like to know if I could get permission to use them. I would have an acknowledge page of your site and name. With the senior show some people ask to buy things and I wanted to get permission if I could use your image.

Thank you

Rebecca RS

This was aammmmaaaazzzinngg thank youuu - - you should have mentioned the jalepenos in the ingredients tho- i bypassed the comment now i wish i had them!!!!

hasu patel

I am vegetarian and cook for my church invariably about 2 times in month. I like creativity and you have this in this shell bean salad with various colors combination, texture &
crunchiness. Your salad image shows a special type. Plan to try this out for 200 plus people.
Hope I have permission to do that. Creativity is what I want in my food to serve the lord when I serve every one who come to our church. .



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