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August 29, 2007



Well you know I am a sucker for the mini tarts. Excellent job on all of them.


the tart looks wonderful and I'm glad you enjoyed it as well :)


I cannot believe you just said that "the mousse is quite simple", as that's where everything went wrong for me:)
But your tart looks beautiful, and I hope it firmed up nicely after storing in the fridge. I wanted to be on the safe side and simply baked it a bit longer.


Fine looking dessert! Your mousse looks lovely and creamy and I must say I admire your 'squirrel rehabilitation exercise' Well done on both counts! :)


You did a great job here, beautiful tarts!

baking soda

Creamy goodness! I think you'll find that the mousse eventually firms up after a thorough rest in the fridge. I actually liked it better after a day.


These are great tarts. Bravo!


Beautiful Sher, how did you make the dough look like that? Like normal?


Yummy! Your mousse looks so creamy and delightful. Great job!

Patricia Scarpin

Your tarts look so pretty, Sher! And I don't think the squirrels would have minded being fed chocolate. ;)


Wow, Sher that's amazingly beautiful! Your tart looks wonderful and ever so scrumptious! You did a great job here...


Sher--Looks great! How much of it did you feed the squirrels? They deserve dessert too. :-)

Butta Buns

On the challenges you do, I don't know which is better, the story of how it came to be or the product itself.

It looks beautiful! I hope mine turns out this good.


My caramel layer didn't even firm up after a whole day in the fridge. I'm glad you were able to make it, even if you had to juggle a tart and squirrels! It's beautiful!


Wow, small and large sizes. Excellent! And "slather" would be the perfect word to describe that mousse. Exactly what I had to do. I think I'm loving that oozing caramel...


Oh you did minis too! Fantastic. Your tarts are gorgeous!


Hi Busy Lady! I know your hands are full with the wee squirrels,...but you did remember to put this tart in the mail to me,...didn't you?


the tart looks fabulous sher, i like the combination - caramel and whipped chocolate cream... I feel the urge to reach for those M&Ms on my table... since I can't have the tart!


Yeah, how did you make that cooked crust look normal - not patched? Mine was totally patchy!
Wonder what would have been the taste result if squirrel formula and tart . . . maybe better not go there.
Your tart is beautiful.


Oh my God! LOL. I would weigh 900 lbs. if I were within bribing distance of you. : )


Beautiful tarts, Sher. Too bad the poor squirrels didn´t get a single bite!


Love the wild abandon method of decorating with the caramel shards! The small tarts are super cute. I love the comparison to Heath Bars and agree that this was delicious...although I think dark chocolate would be even better. Lovely job!


Just. Gorgeous.

You keep flinging those caramel shards, Sher!!!

mosaic cats

Oh gosh,
Mosaic Lady would never, EVER, make this, but we did want to comment to say that she, too, has a caramel fetish, and just last night, she tried (for the first time), Stonyfield Farm organic ice cream...Creme Caramel. YUM! Over coconut cheesecake from our local organic food store. YUM! We (SHE) is still re-living the experience.

We really just stopped in to check on you and Upsie but have ONCE AGAIN become distracted by your damn recipes and photos.

ML wishes you were our neighbor.


I always enjoy reading about the exploits of the Daring Bakers!


Great job! The caramel mosaic topping is scrumptious! *Hugs* to you to help with the stress of your days. Be happy, you make a wonderful DB!


Your tart looks great. Your crust looks wonderful and thin. Wendy


Wow, Sher..your tarts look so pretty! I am fascinated with the shards of caramel! I think they look really lovely scattered over the top of the tarts like glittering gems. And you managed to pull all of this off while juggling baby squirrel chores as well...you did great!


That is a very impressive tart. THe little ones are so cute.


Glad you found time to participate, your tart looks lovely!

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